Sharks in Bahamas - Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba


There’s never a day without a ‘Day’, nor a week without a ‘Week’. Almost all creatures under the sun are celebrated in some regular calendar-based time-frame. With the exception of No-see-ums: I’ve checked – there is no national or international Ceratopogonidae Day in any online calendar. 

Sharks in Bahamas - Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba

By a mere 2 days, I have missed Shark Week, a happening tied in with the Discovery Channel, and heralded by an amusing trailer that features no actual sharks… So, belatedly, here are some cool shark photos to enjoy, in case you didn’t get enough of them last week, or (like me) had other fish to fry.

Sharks in Bahamas - Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba“I’m so glad we agreed to watch each other’s backs…”

Sharks in Bahamas - Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba

 Meet Nurse Betty, as she is known to diversSharks in Bahamas - Melinda Riger / Grand Bahama Scuba


As all children are taught and some adults know, the mangroves that grow in the…

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See the Elusive Planet Mercury in the Dawn Sky This August | Space

See Mercury above the east-northeast horizon before sunrise this month.

Continue reading here for more information and view the video.

Trump Dept of Ag Announced Intention to Stop Collecting Data on Honey Bee Colonies; Honey Bees are Fundamental for Agriculture & are Bioindicators

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The Trump Administration’s Department of Agriculture has recently announced “its intention to stop collecting data on honey bee colonies in places like the mohawk valley, Schumer pushes plan to reconsider, & step-up work, not stop it” (US Senator Schumer, July 29, 2019)

In “Honeybees as Monitors of Low Levels of Radioactivity” Simmons et. al.(1990) state that”it is known that honeybees can be used to detect radionuclides present in the environment. Their mobility and their ability to integrate all exposure pathways (i.e., water, air, vegetation, and soil) could expand and add another level of confidence to the present monitoring program.” (This study was for the US DOE at Hanford Nuclear Site) [1]. In “Radioactive Bees–Honey Bees as Indicators of Radionuclide Contamination“, Timothy K. Haarmann of Los Alamos National Lab says that his experiments at LANL “verify that honey bees are indeed…

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Lou Dobbs Exposes Senate Bill S386 (Call Your US Senators Today)

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It appears that the US Senate is out of session and the Senators are in their districts now. However, there will be pro-forma sessions. Reportedly nothing can be done during these sessions, but it’s best to keep an eye open. Be sure to call your Senators’ offices, if you haven’t.

Contact your Senators to Oppose Senate Bills S386, S2091, S328, S1744 and any similar bills. Make sure they mark down the numbers, along with your opposition. Contact the Immigration Subcommittee chairs and ask for a fair hearing and debate. The House sneaked its version (HR1044) through in 3 days with virtually no debate:
Schedule links here to help follow status:
Immigration Subcommittee on the Judiciary: Another way to track: A link showing committee meetings:

After calling your Senators, spread the word to your family and friends; tweet, and write!…

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