Caravans of Illegals Have Brought Deadly “Assassin Bug” and Chagas Disease to the U.S.

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Many of us have been wondering about diseases brought into the U.S. by illegal immigrants.  Little did we know that deadly bugs never seen in our country have now invaded half of our States.  These bugs come from Mexico, Central America and South America.

The bug goes by various names.  One of these names has a rather endearing sound to it:  the Kissing Bug.  But don’t be fooled. When you see why it was named this, you will be alarmed.

The Kissing Bug name came about because when these insects enter your home, they wait till the middle of the night and bite around the mouth area and also around the eyes.

Here is a map of States where the Assassin bug has been spotted:

Picture of Kissing or “Assassin” Bug from the Internet. This bug was found in Maryland where we live:

Kissing Bug found on the screen of…

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4 comments on “Caravans of Illegals Have Brought Deadly “Assassin Bug” and Chagas Disease to the U.S.

  1. Those bugs have been in parts of the United States for a long time. If I recall correctly they came into the port of New Orleans with fruits, and, of course, with people. However, not all bugs are infected. By bringing in infected people, more bugs are likely to be infected – at least this is my recollection. I hope that’s not what I just saw on my doorstep. It looks different in this picture. And, I turned my head and it was gone! The bug I saw had feet like round black balls, though.

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    • That’s the problem even the mosquitoes are carrying diseases from Africa. I’ve seen them around here, but at the time I didn’t realize what they were.
      Check out my post that’s related to this one, you can get to it from this post the one with the map…How to avoid the bite of a kissing bug, it shows what they look like and where to look for them.

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