Friday Funny – @NRDC Now it’s toilet paper causing ‘climate change’

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Friday Funny ? @NRDC Now it?s toilet paper causing ?climate change?

From the ?climate change is the universal boogeyman? department comes this ridiculous claim from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Now the left wants to tell us how to wipe, and people aren?t having it. Some of the responses are hilarious, others are in the vein of ?WTF is wrong with you people??. They?ve really stepped in it this time.

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Arab Americans Like US Congresswoman Tlaib Are Classifield As “White” Not “Of Color” In The United States

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US Congresswoman Tlaib, as a Palestinian-American/Arab-American woman, is not classified as a “woman of color”, as widely reported, but as “white”. Arab Americans fought long and hard to be classified as “white”, when that was a good thing for them. Now some wish to have a special MENA (Middle East/North Africa) status. However, others realize that having a special category may be dangerous and facilitate persecution and/or government surveillance. If ever they get a special minority status, you can expect a large uptick in immigration from the MENA countries, as has been the case for India, since immigrants from India were given minority set-asides and special privileges meant for African Americans who are descendants of slaves, and American women.

The most absurd protected minority is “hispanic”, however. What this classification means is that if your ancestors immigrated from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the Middle East, etc, to Latin America, then…

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Jamaican American Sherie Murray Running Against Ocasio-Cortez; Why We Don’t Want Ocasio-Cortez Near Monetary Decisions

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Sherie Murray ad:

We are posting this for educational purposes. Ms. Sherie Murray is a Jamaican-American running for Congress against Ocasio-Cortez.

While Ocasio-Cortez is the topic:
The biggest reason that we don’t trust Ocasio-Cortez is that she chose to go to a University which costs over $50,000 per year for tuition alone, and then a) pretends to care for the poor, 2) wants free tuition/complains about the cost of higher education/student loan debt, 3) claims to know about economics. Our research indicates that the Intel scholarship, which she received for feeding antioxidants to worms at a science fair, is currently valued at slightly under $100,000. While she graduated some time ago, the ratio of cost vs scholarship would likely be approximately the same. There is no evidence that her scholarship was linked to her overpriced Alma Mater of Boston University. If she had attended a cheaper public college/university, she…

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In a Speech in Italy Pelosi Visualizes the United States as an Italian Colony and Appears to Think that Italians Built the United States

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Italian-?American? Congresswoman Pelosi in 2009: “America is a land discovered by an Italian, named for an Italian, and built by millions of Italian Americans…” Point one is false; point two is partly true; point three is partly true, but largely false.

Newsflash to Pelosi: The United States was built well before her family even arrived, and before the vast majority of Italian-American immigrants arrived!The Great Arrival: Most of this generation of Italian immigrants took their first steps on U.S. soil in a place that has now become a legend—Ellis Island. In the 1880s, they numbered 300,000; in the 1890s, 600,000; in the decade after that, more than two million. By 1920, when immigration began to taper off, more than 4 million Italians had come to the United States, and represented more than 10 percent of the nation’s foreign-born population…“.

Her Italian family only married…

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This guy just found a mouse in his car… 🐭