Protect your furry, four-legged companions on the 4th of July! 🎇

Fireworks are a staple for the 4th of July; however, the loud sounds can be incredibly terrifying and stressful for your companion animals.

In fact, July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters because the scary noises often cause animals to run away out of fear. Here are five ways you can help keep your companion animal safe during July 4th celebrations.

1. Make sure your companion animals are properly identified.

In the unfortunate event your companion animal does run away, ensure he/she is wearing a collar with an ID tag that displays your name, phone number, and address. It’s also a good idea to get him/her microchipped and registered (if they aren’t already) to better help identify them if they do run away.

2. Avoid noisy areas.

If you plan on partaking in the 4th of July festivities, avoid bringing your companion animal to crowded, noisy events—especially if they include firework displays.

3. Don’t leave your companion animals outside.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but even if you think your backyard is secure, do not leave your companion animals outside during the hectic festivities. Keep them safe and help alleviate their stress by bringing them inside.

4. Make your companion animals comfortable.

If you do plan on going out for the 4th of July celebrations, make sure your companion animal is comfortable, and ensure your home is escape-proof. Make sure all of the windows are closed, lower the blinds/close the curtains, and give them a cozy bed or crate to help them feel safe throughout the night.

5. After the celebrations, make sure your yard is clear of fireworks debris.

Even if you didn’t set off fireworks, debris from your neighbors’ 4th of July festivities can make their way onto your property and into the mouths of your beloved companion animals. Before you let them outside to play, ensure your yard is clear of any items that could be dangerous to your pets.

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The consumer product safety commission has recall thousands of fireworks

If you’re planning to buy fireworks for the 4th read this first

On the Fourth of July, you want your fireworks to explode. You don’t want them to put your cookout in danger.

But the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled thousands of fireworks from four companies, most notably after one boy lost his hand setting off a faulty firework.

The fireworks were recalled after it was discovered they were overloaded with pyrotechnics, meant to create a louder sound but they violated federal standards.

According to the safety commission, overloaded fireworks can create large explosions, creating serious hazards for customers — including explosions.

Here are all the recalled products, so you can keep your Fourth of July party safe.

Grandma’s Fireworks in Indiana recalled 18 types of fireworks, a total of 25,000 units

Here are the product names and how much they sold for:

Rise in the East – CL1000 – $24-36 a box, $2 individual

Safe cracker – $24-36 a box, $3 individual

Angry Elf – $39.99 a box

Mamba – $20.00 a box, $2 individual

Crazy King – KF0168 – $20.00 a box, $2 individual

POW! – $32.99 a box

Bang – $32.99 a box

Crazy Robot Flowers – BW500 – $24-36 a box, $3 individual

Frog Balls – FB5015 – $50.00 a box

Dragon Artillery (Assorted) – W515B – $30.00 a box

Small Festival Balls – N1000 – $50.00 a box

Cock Rises! – FF5001 – $50.00 a box

Sammy’s Best – $24.00 a box

Katherine’s Catapult – PF0402 – $24.00 a pack

Heavy Bomber- GX7502 – $20.00 a pack

Multiple Rocket – $50.00 a pack

Talon – $40.00 a pack.

Block Buster – $24-36 a box, $3 individual

Patriot Pyrotechnics/Bill’s Fireworks in Michigan recalled 22 different types of fireworks, a total of about 11,000 units

Here are the product names:

Dog Rules 30 Shot Cake – PWF630

Bite Me 25 Shot Cake – CL2625

Buster Sword 100 Shot Cake

Echo Of Freedom 25 Shot Cake – BHL999T2

Man’s Best Friend Fireworks Cake – PWF680

No Fooling Around 130 Shot Cake – CL2330

Top Notch Fireworks Cake – BHL2064

Dog Don’t Stop Barking Artillery Shell 24 Pack – KK5032

Wonder of Galaxy 100 Shot Cake – CL2103

Horror Night Artillery 6 Pack – W5007

American Hero 88 Shot Cake – CL2888

Romantic Aliens 100 Shot Cake

Three’s A Charm Artillery Shell 6 Pack – 5013B

Desperate Attempt 100 Shot Cake – UN2033

Monkey Business 100 Shot Cake – UN2101

Monkey Go Ape 100 Shot Cake – UN2100

Monkey’s Revenge 25 Shot Cake – BHL2126

Outcast 49 Shot Cake – QS2149

Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake – UN2566

Monkey Planet 100 Shot Cake – UN2102

1.25 inch Artillery shell 18 Pack – W5016B

Double Nuts and Triple Ripples Artillery Shell 24 Pack – W5036B

GS Fireworks in Michigan recalled 26 types of fireworks, for a total of 260 units

Here are the product names:

1.25″ Artillery Shells – W5016(B)

Blast From The Past – UN5088

Born Hero 25 Shot Cake – BHL2325

Burning Aces 25 Shot Cake – SC5G-1501

The Closer 100 Shot Cake

Clown Shells – W515B

Cock Rises Canister Shells – FF5001

Cock-a-doodle-doo 25 Shot Cake – 8299

Crazy Labbits 36 Shot Cake – HB2015

Dead Heat 100 Shot Cake – BHL999TS

Defenders 49 Shot Cake – BHL999T2

Don’t Panic Canister Shells – BHL5135

Godzilla Roars 36 Shot Cake – UN2566

Horror Night Ball Shells – W5007 (B)

IT Canister Shells – DP5135

Magical Roman Candle – WW2901(A-D)

Monkey Planet 100 Shot Cake – UN2102

Rising Silver — Flowers in Spring 25 Shot Cake – W2825

Shrooms 100 Shot Cake – YT5026

Sky Jam 96 Shot Cake – YT5026

Spider 25 Shot Cake – HB2002

Sun Rise Crackers – W010

Thunder King Single Shot Salutes

Tommy Gun Single Shot Salute – WG2018S

Top Notch Fireworks 64 Shot Cake – BHL2064

Tsunami Alert 100 Shot Cake – 8670

Keystone Fireworks recalled their G-Force Artillery Shell Fireworks, packaged in a box of six.

About 1,660 units were pulled, and the fireworks were sold at all Keystone locations.

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