Digital Exclusive: Dr. Patrick Moore TEARS APART The Green New Deal | Huckabee

4 comments on “Digital Exclusive: Dr. Patrick Moore TEARS APART The Green New Deal | Huckabee

  1. Thanks for making me suffer through this. Now I know what’s behind Huckabee and his Russophilic Russia connection – likely the oil industry. It’s just a reminder that this is a dirty everything coup. Patrick Moore would rather radioactive carbon from nuclear, it appears. He used to say he left because of nuclear, but now he has changed it to chlorine. There is a shortage of uranium of a grade that can be economically mined, as well as all of the other dangers associated with the nuclear industry-nuclear waste. Even with the high grades the vast majority is waste rock. It’s funny that a so-called PhD in ecology has never heard of acid mine leach, whether from iron or other mining, that makes it difficult to grow most things afterwards. He’s got to be almost the only biologist who is a nuclear pusher, perhaps because he focused on macro things like ecologic succession, rather than life and health. I have never gotten deeply into the CO2 thing because it’s complicated and if you do what’s right for the earth then it’s not an issue so much. Oil and gas, especially fracking, and nuclear are hard on the earth and that should be enough to know to stop them. Human like life on this planet is very recent. And, as I recall toxic gases had to decline before there could be human like life.

    Solar power in some countries is already very high. They act like they have never heard of batteries. Solar is getting cheaper and cheaper. Soon there will be solar cells as paint. It’s nuclear that keeps getting the billions in subsidies. One of the only places where renewables is difficult is the UK and they are doing a lot of wind. Smart and in combination can make the UK renewable. Most of the world could be run on solar. The oil, gas, nuclear industry and the big utilities don’t want it. Solar is freedom and independence from the big utilities. Depending on location this can be true of mini-wind and small-medium hydro, as well.

    Huckabee is even more evil than I realized. He’s apparently vindictive because when he was governor of Arkansas a university professor in Arkansas was scared to set up a campus young Democrats – apparently because he was afraid for his job.

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      • I wouldn’t have watched it if you hadn’t posted it, because I wouldn’t be able to bear the 15 minutes. So, even though I maybe sounded sarcastic, it wasn’t meant that way. One good point that they did make was about things like trees being renewable within limits. Some places are burning trees and calling it renewable.


        • That’s okay I was on the fence or whether to post this or not, but I saw a few good points and you clarified that for me, most sounded like smoke and mirrors and to sell his book.

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