Concern rises about possible uranium mining near Grand Canyon

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Photo:  Grand Canyon Trust

Source:  CNN

Concern rises about possible uranium mining near Grand Canyon

By Gregory Wallace, CNN

(CNN)  Federal officials are expected to rule in the next month on a petition that could eventually lead to uranium mining around the Grand Canyon, which conservation advocates warn could irreparably pollute the region’s limited groundwater supply.

While the petition is under consideration, the Commerce and Interior departments have made a series of decisions including reclassifying uranium as a critical mineral and developing a plan calling for increased domestic mining.
The departments’ decisions have raised the concern of those who oppose mining in the region, who worry the administration may use the moves to justify modifying or rescinding the Department of Interior’s 2012 decision that largely blocked mining on more than 1 million acres near the national park for 20 years. That 2012 decision, which was made to give the…

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2 comments on “Concern rises about possible uranium mining near Grand Canyon

  1. This is apparently about foreign mining companies in the US arguing that the US needs to mine more of its own uranium for national security! But, where’s the national security if most of the US uranium mines are foreign owned now! They are mostly Canadian, but also Russian. They have a hard enough time holding US companies accountable. It will be nearly impossible to hold foreign miners accountable. Maybe Cameco since it is so big, but surely not the rest.

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