Activists who use polar bears as a symbol of climate change are out of touch with reality

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Young activists like Ollie Nancarrow from the UK need to find another symbol for their messages of climate change. Polar bears are thriving despite recent dramatic declines in summer sea ice: they have not been devastated as predicted by declining summer sea ice blamed on climate change. Anyone who uses a polar bear image to further a message of climate change, as Ollie has done, is simply out of touch with reality.

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Here are the facts, references provided.

In September 2007, Arctic sea ice hit a low never before seen since 1979 and panic set in about the future of polar bears. Biologists from the US Geological Survey had just insisted that when sea ice declined 42% below 1979 levels, which was expected at mid-century, 2/3 of the world’s polar bears would be gone (Amstrup et al. 2007; USGS 2007) – a drop from about 24,500 to only 8,100.

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Renewables in Retreat? Ohio Democrats Vote to Support Nuclear and Coal Power.

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Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant over Lake Erie, Ohio Felix KoenigCC

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

In Ohio lawmakers have slashed renewable incentives and moved to support coal and nuclear power, with substantial support from state Democrats.

Ohio lawmakers pass bill to cut renewable requirement, help nuclear and coal

Critics say the bill unnecessarily bails out nuclear, coal owner FirstEnergy Solutions.

MEGAN GEUSS?6/1/2019, 1:26 AM

This week, lawmakers in Ohio?s House of Representatives voted 53-43 in favor of a controversial bill that would permit a consumer-funded subsidy for nuclear plants and possibly for ailing coal plants as well.

The bill would also end Ohio?s renewable portfolio standard, which required that the state?s utilities to obtain 12.5 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2027. Instead, that renewable portfolio standard is replaced by smaller steps to bolster renewable power, but environmental groups say the bill is a…

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