Petition: Set Term Limits for U.S. Representatives and Senators
Corruption is rampant in Washington DC. One of the biggest reasons this is the case is because lifetime politicians have become power brokers, making them the beneficiaries of favors, payoffs, and under-the-table deals. They live in a perpetual state of campaigning rather than focusing on addressing the problems that face Americans.

Term limits were never included in the Constitution because it was expected by the founders that those serving as our representatives in the legislative branch would do so as a duty to be fulfilled rather than a luxurious position of excess. They did not anticipate the electoral benefits of incumbents, nor did the realize the two-party system would polarize the nation to the point that positions could be made essentially permanent.

Power should not be accumulated over the length of a long career. It should be earned through action and earnestly held for a brief period of time. Today, too much power is consolidated in Washington DC, partially as a result of the extended lengths in which our representatives enjoy their tenure.

Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate should be there because they want to serve their country, not because they enjoy being part of the DC Country Club. Term limits are very popular among the people, but Capitol Hill continues to ignore our will by failing to address it. Why should they? Only they can be hurt by it, and it does not behoove them to hurt themselves.

Instead, they continue hurting us.

We demand Congress immediately put together legislation that spells out term limits for themselves. Americans need to know who is willing to suppress their own power for the sake of the nation. This can only happen by bringing legislation to the floor.

2 comments on “Petition: Set Term Limits for U.S. Representatives and Senators

  1. I think the real problem is this perpetual campaigning and seeking big money every two years to get elected to the House. They need to shorten the campaign time and cut out the money. Plus House seats should be for four years not two. And, Senate for four years and not six years. Two is too short and six too long. I’m no longer convinced that term limits is the solution. Some of the better remaining politicians have made careers of it. But, they started before the big money came in. I think of Ed Markey, for instance. He’s one of the only ones who cares and is doing anything and he’s been there since at least the 1980s. He’s one of the only anti-nuclear and environmentalist politicians in DC. I don’t want more of people like Ocasio Cortez who I believe just wants to make a splash to then get on CNN or MSNBC to make big bucks to pay off her private university debt. I read that she hasn’t even opened a local office and that the people who elected her are mad. The big money goes to members of Congress who don’t get re-elected and then sit on boards or become lobbyists. I read that there are a lot of interns who serve a year or two (or even a summer) and then go to lobbying firms after they know the ropes.

    We have to ask what are the options? What honest person could drop their employment for two years to become a member of Congress? Are we going to give public school teachers two years off from their jobs to become members of the House? Three or four with campaigning? What honest small business person can leave their company for two years? Maybe government bureaucrats? We have heard the song and dance that we needed business people instead of professional politicians since the Reagan years. Look what that got us! Bush and Trump destroying the environment for the sake of their business buddies. The last two and a half years have convinced me that we need people who know what they are doing. We do need lawyers and professionals in Congress.

    On the other hand, I see problems with the committee chair system. That’s where the power is and often people stay too long. A former Member of Congress during Watergate said that she didn’t want to be on the Judiciary Committee, but she replaced a Congressman who had been on it, so they forced her to. I don’t think it’s right that the same states are on the same committees. Some states with miniscule populations end up with powerful Senators as chairs of committees.

    They need to provide some sort of DC housing for the politicians too, since they need a home address. Markey has taken flack because he has used his childhood home as his address in Massachusetts since the beginning. He actually bought a house in DC where his wife works or worked. That allows him to better focus. And, Massachusetts is in his heart and soul because he was born and grew up there. I guess that Markey will turn around and do something really bad since I’m singing his praises.

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