Petition: Do something with the killers of this bear !!

Mateo Ruiz Betancur

Addressed to: Government of India

That disgusting people, how they can do that to an animal. The bear was trying to escape, to get away from them and they were still hitting him and throwing things at him. More and more disgusting people give me, the true beasts, the devil of animals. This happened in India and I want someone to do something in that country of beasts where they do this to a poor animal.

They harassed him, they insulted him, they scared him and they did not stop throwing stones until they killed him. These shit people have to suffer in some way the consequences of being so bad and with so little empathy with animals.

These things happen because people invade the habitat of wild animals, not the other way around, they were before. Stop killing animals, stop mistreating them, stop destroying their homes.

I want these killers to suffer the consequences of what they did, that’s why we have to pressure the government of India to do something and this will not happen again.

Please, the bear had no voice and could not ask not to kill him, we have to be his voice and ask the authorities to do justice.



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