This Woman Needs to be Stopped!!

Please make the call and share on your social network, this woman needs to be stopped!

Playcare Pets


348 North Ave,Grand Junction,CO 81501


8 comments on “This Woman Needs to be Stopped!!

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ve been having trouble with Twitter, but I thought it was just me, I’ve been trying to get back in there with no success, it was a video of a woman at that dog care center beating the dogs in her care. Thanks for the link on the cute story, I’ll post that one out and pull this one.

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    • Exactly! It does not look anything like the description and it looks like she came in the door with the two dogs probably from a small yard for them to go to the bathroom, the chocolate lab looks too scared to move to even go out to the bathroom and she just made it worse by attacking the dog and the other poor chocolate lab is in the corner trying to stay out of the way and whoever secretly took the video must had it hidden in their top, you can’t hear what she’s saying. It’s been reported to the local police but we really need to find out if she just works there or owns the place, hopefully the owners of these dogs will see this and take action against her.

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      • You are keenly observant. I was thinking about the floor hurting their paws. And, how it looks like old zoos and like they want to let them go to the bathroom there and just wash it down with a bucket or something. They could still do a one piece linoleum, which would be more soft. It seems generally rather crowded, too. What if the dogs don’t get along?

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        • Your question about what if the dogs don’t get along… I found out back in February 2018 (Stacy Tausch-owner) who let this happen. Bo was attacked by another dog on his face and never taken to a vet he was left in a kennel for 12-24 hours with his severely swollen face that got infected. She is probably the one we see in the video and I wonder if she consider that small gate a separation between the smaller and larger dogs, they should not even be in the same room!

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