Notre Dame’s In Flames and the Videos Are Heartbreaking «TwistedSifter

6 comments on “Notre Dame’s In Flames and the Videos Are Heartbreaking «TwistedSifter

  1. I’m placing my bets on arson by cigarette, and the intent impossible to prove, unless the person chatted about it. The famous bridge in Lucerne Switzerland was burnt by cigarette. They should have warned people about all of the lead in the smoke from the melted lead roof. Sad to see the ancient forest beams burned after almost 1000 years. Those promoting cigarettes are good for you, are the same as those promoting nuclear is good for you – cigarettes have polonium in them.

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  2. There is an answer in the flames and the time of year just as Easter started today. The most important is that all visitors had left just before the fire started and nobody was injured except one firefighter ….Thank God.
    Question is what’s more important money ….we shall see change is underway Amen
    PS Clue is ‘ Crown of Thorns ‘ saved

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  3. The honey bees made it! Some years ago they found that honey bees fared better in Paris proper than the countryside. It’s unclear if it’s because of pesticides or because there’s no nuclear reactors near Paris, unless there is an experimental one. So, I guess one of their rooftop homes was Notre Dame de Paris.

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