Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Line Ditches Exotic Animal Skins | Care2 Causes

Victoria Beckham has become the latest major fashion designer to ban the use of exotic animal skins in her collections.

As of Fall 2019, all Victoria Beckham clothes are guaranteed to be free of alligator, snake and lizard skins. As the brand explores more ethically sourced products, its designers are proud to play a part in creating cruelty-free fashion.

A spokesperson for the Victoria Beckham brand explained:

We are happy to confirm that we will cease using exotic skins in all future collections as of our main Fall 2019 ready-to-wear presentation. This decision reflects the wishes of not only the brand, but also that of our customers.

Animal rights groups are applauding the Victoria Beckham brand for its new policy. PETA director Elisa Allen stated:

Victoria Beckham’s decision to ban exotic skins will spare countless remarkable animals immense suffering, and PETA calls on other luxury brands to follow her kind example.

So why is exotic skin use in fashion such a contentious issue? Well, the animals whose skins are used in our bags, belts and shoes are often poached — and their deaths are barbaric.

In 2017 PETA shocked the world with an exposé on crocodile skin farming in Vietnam. No animal should have to suffer to give us beautiful products. This is why it’s so encouraging to see some of the biggest names in fashion beginning to listen to their consumers who want cruelty-free products.

Victoria Beckham joins the likes of Chanel, which also went exotic-skin-free in December 2018. When announcing its new stance on exotic skin use, the brand also reaffirmed its commitment to fur-free fashion:

The Victoria Beckham brand has never used fur in its clothing or accessories collections and confirmed last year that the brand will remain fur free.

The fashion industry has seen some huge developments in recent years to turn the tide on animal cruelty. Burberry, Gucci, Versace and Coach are just some of the biggest brands who have completely banned the use of fur. In September 2018, the London Fashion Week became the first of its kind to not show any fur on its catwalk. Even Rihanna’s Fenty is a cruelty-free brand with an increasing range of vegan products.

What better way to inspire us all to be conscious of our fashion and beauty choices than to lead by example?

Fashion brands like Victoria Beckham pave the way for high street fashion; by promoting cruelty-free fashion, they encourage other brands to make more responsible choices. In turn, we as consumers can make careful, informed decisions about the clothes we choose to buy.

Here’s to a future when all our fashion and beauty products are cruelty-free!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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