It’s A Con To Talk About The Border-Wall When Trump Admin Gives Out Over 3000 Permanent Resident Cards Per Day; Over 1 Million Per Year, And A Wall Can Be Tunneled Under Anyway

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Illegals can tunnel under a wall, but the approximately 1 million per year of legal permanent resident immigrants don’t have to bother to tunnel under. The Trump Admin gave out over 3,000 immigrant legal permanent resident “Green” cards PER DAY in 2017; Over 1.1 Million total in 2017.

To put this in context, Dallas, Texas is the 9th largest city in the United States and has a population of 1,341,075.

Greencards easily turn into citizenship and so the insane numbers of new US citizens per year will continue, or again worsen, if nothing is changed. Each new citizen dilutes democracy, too, because each vote is of less value.

Even if a wall were effective, it is futile with such huge numbers being let in legally. The USA is already filled up with Americans, many of whom have no right to return to their place of origin.
The  graph, above…

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5 comments on “It’s A Con To Talk About The Border-Wall When Trump Admin Gives Out Over 3000 Permanent Resident Cards Per Day; Over 1 Million Per Year, And A Wall Can Be Tunneled Under Anyway

  1. Thanks for the reblog! It seems like people don’t take the problem seriously until they lose a job to an immigrant or are totally overrun. By then it’s too late, really. Academia has been overrun by new immigrants for so long, that it’s no wonder that they won’t say a peep about the problem – rather they try to justify it as something good.

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  2. I think that the real racists are those letting brown immigrants take affirmative action from African Americans. I think this was the intent from the 1960s. If they would only give affirmative action to African Americans and Native Americans new immigration would almost stop. The majority of Americans would come out better. I’m not supporting Elizabeth Warren, but it is shocking that they had to prove that there were no Asian or Latino candidates in order to justify hiring a white woman – Democracy Now talked about it. I’m sure her family did experience discrimation, too. If there was a one drop rule for African American ancestry, there must have been for Native Americans, too. Not all American Indians were given reservation status, either. Among the Choctaw in Mississippi they only gave 1000 out of 3000 reservation status because they wanted to force them to leave the state. After so many froze in the first removals they didn’t want to go. I am also wondering if the German upper classes from Latin America get to count as hispanic persons of color? I think that blue-eyed Iranians from India get to be “South Asian” minorities. I also started wondering if the US gave Kamala Harris’ mother a scholarship to Stanford. The US used to give scholarships throughout the “third world” during the Cold War while giving nothing to Americans. They may still do it. Canada gave out third world scholarships but gave Canadians scholarships, too. I think that the United States is the only country in the world that favors immigrants over its own people. Many of us would have to take a DNA test to know for sure our ethnicity and it’s not like Europe would take us back, either (apart from Italians who can go back). Europeans pretend like we are another species and like they don’t know where we came from! I can’t trace most of my lines further back than the 1700s – just before the Revolutionary War. One line to the early 1600s in Virginia. And, one line to the early 1600s in Bermuda but don’t know if the guy was French or Irish, based on the name! Even for my Irish born ancestors I don’t really know what they are. So much info was destroyed by the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Irish Civil War. The immigration topic makes me go into non-functional meltdown for days at a time. Thanks for letting me rant!

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