Sign Petition: Ducks and Geese Are Tortured Every Day So Wealthy People Can Eat This ‘Delicacy’

by: Care2 Team
recipient: State Governments of the USA

California ducks and geese are quacking with joy now that finally, after years of legal battles, the California Foie Gras ban can go into effect.

For 15 years, the foie gras industry has been fighting a legal battle with California trying to get the ban repealed. But this week, the Supreme Court rejected the industry’s last bid to fight California, making California’s foie gras ban the law of the land.

Unfortunately, that law only applies to California. And that means that ducks and geese can still be tortured to make the culinary delicacy in every other state in the nation.

In order to make foie gras farmers shove up to 30 pounds of grain and fat down their birds’ gullets a week. This is far more than a duck would ever consume. The process of forced overeating causes their livers to painfully grow up to 10 times their normal size. Some birds’ livers become so big they can’t even stand.

Now that California has shown that a statewide foie gras ban will hold up in court, there is no reason for other states not to follow suit — including states like New York, which is home to the nation’s largest foie gras farm in the U.S.

It’s time this practice is banned countrywide but the only way that can happen is if people like you stand up and say enough. So let’s do it! Sign the petition and tell your state representatives to do the right thing and pass a foie gras ban in your state.


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