Truth News Headlines February 3, 2018

American Intelligence Media

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trump open borders and crime.

“Murder after Birth’ Bill in Virginia- Nurse WILL NOT COMPLY


After abortion, comes infanticide…then child euthanasia, next the infirm and old people…then the FINAL SOLUTION – genocide. It’s the same old Nazi playbook, over and over again in history.

Terminally-ill children become youngest ever to be euthanised, aged nine and 11


planned parenthood meme.

Government Report Confirming that Planned Parenthood Traffics Baby Parts FULL 471 page report from 2016 that will blow your mind and you will wonder WITH OUTRAGE where the media has been….where is the DOJ…why is Congress still funding this IMMORAL activity of harvesting babies.


G. Combs posts:

PRAY that American people WAKE-UP to what Planned Parenthood is really doing.

Planned Parenthood is NOT JUST doing INFANTICIDE it is VIVISECTION!

“Vivisection means literally the cutting up of live animalsfor science the lucrative sale of baby parts…” —

Funny how the DemonRats toss hissy fits over…

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