Epic Cat Door Fail

Brian Rickett of Cabot,Arkansas bought a brand new cat flap and spent an hour-and-a-half installing it on their door, satisfied with his insulation, Brian wanted to capture Philo using his very own door for the first time. With camera in hand to capture the moment, you can hear Brian saying…. Good kitty…try your new cat door!


Petition · American Belgian Malinois Rescue: BRING K9 ENDY HOME · Change.org

Petition · American Belgian Malinois Rescue: BRING K9 ENDY HOME · Change.org
Frank Rpk9f started this petition to American Belgian Malinois Rescue and 3 others

Earlier this month K9 Endy, a Retired U.S Customs and Border Patrol K9, escaped from his handler’s yard due to fireworks. Endy was found wondering the streets nearby and was given to Kingsville Animal Advocates who turned Endy over to the American Belgian Malinois Rescue.

K9 Endy is microchipped, which comes back to the US Border Patrol but American Belgian Malinois Rescue failed to make the right calls and is now refusing to give the K9 Endy back to his handler, Brian Buchanan, who has proof of ownership, vet records, dental records, pictures and videos of Endy at home with his family.

After many failed attempts to get Endy home, Brian Buchanan contacted us to see if we could help. Retired Police K9 Foundation has made a commitment to get Endy back home. Please contact the rescue and ask them to release K9 Endy back to his family! Retired Police K9 Foundation will make sure Endy has proper vet care needed now and for the rest of his life!

Please contact Marcia Tokson, National chairperson, and ask her to give K9 Endy back!


Petition: Big Cats Should Not Be Used as Entertainment at Their Upcoming Children’s Event! BCR-Salsa | Big Cat Rescue

BCR-Salsa | Big Cat Rescue
2-3 minutes

We need your help to educate Chabad of Sarasota (Florida) that big cats should not be used as entertainment at their upcoming children’s event! Your emails will demonstrate to the Chabad’s leadership that MANY people do not want to see the exploitation of tigers and lions!

Big Cat Rescue was recently contacted by the Chabad of Sarasota and asked if we would bring big cats to their event to “provide a show” and then let guests – including children – “interact with them.” Of course, Big Cat Rescue is a true sanctuary and would never drag our cats to an event or allow anyone to touch our cats; the Chabad had us confused with a local Sarasota roadside zoo and circus with a name similar to ours.

Circus act

We took the opportunity to try to educate leadership of the Chabad that big cats do not belong at events and dissuade them from going ahead with this plan to exploit big cats. We assumed the organization, like many we have educated in the past, was just not aware of the dark side of this exploitation. We assumed they would not knowingly want to support the exploitation and, in our opinion as well as numerous other respected animal welfare groups, abuse of big cats. We also provided detailed information about the roadside zoo/circus in Sarasota, including documentation of dozens of serious USDA violations of the Animal Welfare Act going back two decades.

Instead of appreciating the information and cancelling their plan to bring big cats to their event, leadership of the Chabad of Sarasota asked us to stop contacting them and ignored our further efforts to open a respectful dialog.

We need your help to show Chabad of Sarasota that there are MANY people who do NOT want to see big cats carted to events, forced to perform unnatural, cruel acts in circuses and used as entertainment and that children should be taught compassion for wild animals, not that exploitation is acceptable. Can we count on you to add your voice and speak up for these tigers at the roadside zoo in Sarasota?

Please Sign Petition!


Thank YOU!

“Carl’s Jr. Presents”- Plant-Based Burger – Beyond Famous Star® Super Bowl Commercial

Order the burger without mayo or cheese, make sure it’s on it’s the sesame seed bun, and if you’re watching your carbs get it in a lettuce wrap! Their special sauce is Vegan!

Get on that wagon people, it’s how we’re going to save the planet!

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Truth News Headlines February 3, 2018

American Intelligence Media

demonrat 1.JPGdemonrat banner.

trump open borders and crime.

“Murder after Birth’ Bill in Virginia- Nurse WILL NOT COMPLY


After abortion, comes infanticide…then child euthanasia, next the infirm and old people…then the FINAL SOLUTION – genocide. It’s the same old Nazi playbook, over and over again in history.

Terminally-ill children become youngest ever to be euthanised, aged nine and 11


planned parenthood meme.

Government Report Confirming that Planned Parenthood Traffics Baby Parts FULL 471 page report from 2016 that will blow your mind and you will wonder WITH OUTRAGE where the media has been….where is the DOJ…why is Congress still funding this IMMORAL activity of harvesting babies.


G. Combs posts:

PRAY that American people WAKE-UP to what Planned Parenthood is really doing.

Planned Parenthood is NOT JUST doing INFANTICIDE it is VIVISECTION!

“Vivisection means literally the cutting up of live animalsfor science the lucrative sale of baby parts…” — https://www.neavs.org/resources/publication/vivisection-and-dissection

Funny how the DemonRats toss hissy fits over…

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