Concerning levels of heavy metals arsenic, lead in some fruit juices

Chemical Free Life

A new investigative report conducted by Consumer Reports has just revealed that many commercial fruit juices* still contain “concerning levels” of heavy metals arsenic, cadmium and lead. For infants and children who typically consume a lot of juice and have still-developing brains and immune systems the findings are a red flag for parents to reduce their children’s consumption of commercial fruit juices testing high in heavy metals**.  The same holds true for pregnant women.  As for other adults, this is just one more source among many that add to the body burden toxic chemicals building up from food, food packaging, drinking water, personal care and home care products and the general environment.  Electing for fruit juices that did not test in the “concerning levels” category would be a prudent choice.

*Investigators examined 45 juices in four flavors: apple (22), fruit juice blends (13), grape (7), and pear (3).

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