Sign the Petition: More Than a Hundred Whales, Orcas and Belugas are Being Held in Tiny Closures on Russia’s Pacific Coast in the City of Nakodka.

More than 100 whales – orcas and belugas – are being held in tiny enclosures on Russia’s Pacific Coast in the city of Nakhodka.

This is the largest number of sea creatures to ever be held in small temporary enclosures. Some of them have been there since July.

Marine mammal experts claim that those animals were being sold to Chinese aquariums, despite the fact that legally they are only supposed to be used for scientific and educational work. In China there are thousands of millions of dollars to be made on these whales.

There are currently 11 orcas, 5 baby walrus and 90 baby belugas held in these enclosures.15 of the belugas are yearlings that are completely dependent on the mothers for survival. Yearlings need to be in constant tactile contact with a parent – in case of danger their mother will fight to the death to keep them alive. Capturing whales this young is banned in Russia.

The export of these marine mammals has finally been stopped but the problem now is that these animals are stuck in “whale prison” whilst the authorities try to find the perpetrators and work out the right procedural decision to take. Independent experts are seriously worried that the animals will die if they are kept in these conditions much longer. Whale babies who have not received enough mother’s milk will not survive the winter.


These Orca’s need to be released into their natural habitat. The belugas need to be transferred to responsible people that will feed them, rehabilitate them and release them into their natural habitat when they are ready.

4 comments on “Sign the Petition: More Than a Hundred Whales, Orcas and Belugas are Being Held in Tiny Closures on Russia’s Pacific Coast in the City of Nakodka.

    • Thanks I remember the petition.I’m wondering if they’re trying to get them out of their way and not kill them, but they’re getting sick and I don’t know how much longer they can live.

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  1. Well, there may always be some doubts… I don’t trust humans (most of them) since there is always profit and money behind every single action. I really hope that was meant to save them all… (I read beneath your post another one of “News Exc Celebrity” angocman888 in which is proclaimed “Russia bans its whale jails after international outcry”…. Hugs :-)c


    • It’s really hard to get the truth when it’s another country, I also read that they’re training them to be spies and transport messages, one beluga came up to a boat and was real friendly to the guy, it was wearing a harness the guy got in the water and remove the harness and it swam away. Hopefully to freedom…

      Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day Claudine 💖

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