Please Take Action to End Wildlife Killing Contests: Write Letters to Newspapers and Legislators…

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin Film Production Co.™

Ending Wildlife Killing Contests will take a lot of public awareness, education and involvement on your part.

#EndWildlifeKillingContests #GetInvolved

“Melissa Tedrowe, Midwest region director of the Humane Society, says that while her group actively opposes the contests, it discourages protesting in person to avoid violent confrontation. Instead, it is asking people to write to legislators and newspapers, calling for a ban.” Source

Writing letters to the Editor will bring public awareness.

Call sponsors of Wildlife Killing Contests, and write letters to the Editor in your local newspaper. Work with your city municipality, your local county boards and your state representatives. Ask for a ban on wildlife killing contests. You’ll find information on how to do this is at the end of this blog.

Adrian Treves, a UW-Madison professor who runs the Carnivore Coexistence Lab, says it’s difficult to say what effect these contests are having on coyote populations, because the…

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