Australian City Has Installed Innovative System To Reduce Trash Flowing To The Ocean – Sea Voice News
by Alex Larson →

City of Kwinana Facebook Page

An Australian city is taking an innovative method to reducing trash flowing from mainland to the ocean by creating a sewer system that blocks and catches any plastic or trash.

The system was installed by the Australian city of Kwinana in the Henley reserve and uses a exceptionally simple system to help keep the oceans cleaner.

The system consists of a net that is placed on the outlet of a drainage pipe which catches trash and prevents it from flowing further.

Unfortunately, trash will always find its way on the side of highways, in residential areas and just about anywhere there is human activity. When heavy rains come through, the trash is picked up and washed to the nearest sewer system where it will eventually find its way to a river and the ocean. The system uses the power of the rain and water flow to collect the trash in a simplistic and effective manner.

Via Storm Water Systems

The city started by installing 2 nets and were shocked to find how effective it was. Within a couple of weeks, more than 800 pounds of garbage was collected within several weeks.

While the upfront cost of these can be expensive at a price tag of roughly $10,000 each, the system does save money in the long run as it prevents spending of restoration in rivers and the oceans due to garbage pollution and saves in labor as the nets now due the job that several people would have been doing before of collecting the litter.

Via Storm Water Systems

Once full, the nets are being collected where the city picks out the recyclable items, then moves to be further processed.

Ideas like this is what will drive humans to help make up for the pollution problem worldwide. While cleaning out the oceans is extremely important, we will only be chasing our tails if we do not solve the problem of reducing the trash entering in the first place. Well done Australia.

3 comments on “Australian City Has Installed Innovative System To Reduce Trash Flowing To The Ocean – Sea Voice News

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  2. It’s OK, but most important is to teach people NOT to dump trash around, and place more trash bins all over the places where people go. I know “respect” you must learn it at home, since you’re little, that means parents must be respectfull to be able to teach the kids the meaning of “respect”… It’s a really long story to go through!
    A good example: I always have with me a plastic bag which enable me to collect such things I see when I’m walking in the woods or parks. In my city, which is very small, I was complaning several times to the mayor that the Park Isolino must be cleaned once a while…
    But the good solution is to follow Singapore rules: you dump (even a chew gum or a toffee card) you pay an awfull fine! That’s why Singapore is a clean city (I guess it still, last time I was there is about 18 years ago). :-)c

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