The Art Of The Deal?

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Donald Trump came before the American public the other night with a deal he was proposing for Democrats to re-open the government. On the surface it says a lot…and it shows why he’s the ultimate dealmaker.

Let’s take a quick look at what he said. He wants to get $5.7 billion for the wall…or fence…or added border protection in the form of a barrier along the southern border. That’s been his line in the sand all along. He is giving over 700,000 DACA kids a three year reprieve in hopes Congress can get their problem solved in that time. He’s also giving those that moved to the United States temporarily when natural disasters hit their homeland another three years to live here without the threat of deportation.

He promised $800 million in humanitarian assistance to help those in need along the southern border…most likely those folks in the caravan from…

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4 comments on “The Art Of The Deal?

  1. If they are going to let the 700,000 stay then they need to stop at least one year of the one million per year that are already getting to legally stay. I read that he was going to give a path to green cards for H1B but H1B is already a path to green cards, citizenship and endless family chain migration. No one protects those who are here and can’t go back.

    Kamala Harris, who just declared as Presidential candidate, is Asian Indian and Jamaican and grew up and graduated from high school in a rich part of Montreal – one of the richest areas in the world – and where the Bronfman’s live. She was raised by her mother in Canada. She seems to have frequently visited family in India. Wikipedia says where they lived is a rich area. She married a Jewish person. She didn’t prosecute Mnuchin. She seems to have some African ancestory but some Tamils pretend to be part African to get ahead. There are Asian Indians in Jamaica, too. But, she’s getting called African-American. People had better get going vetting her. Her grandfather was a diplomat for India and India was a Soviet ally. Her mother seems to have the same name and region of origin (Kerala) as a famous Indian Communist Party politician. Who funded her mother’s education? Her mother’s Civil Rights participation could have been as a spy for Russia or the USA, rather than heart-felt. Some info might be in FBI documents. We still need to vet Trump and especially his wives. I don’t know how Kamala got US citizenship as it seems that she was only in the US the first 7 years. Maybe the 7 years plus 2 in college? Or she was sponsored by her father who taught at Stanford? Her father seems an upper class Jamaican with Marxist tendencies, too, though I haven’t studied up on him. He may not even have citizenship as immigrants of that generation sometimes just kept residency cards. Where this becomes suspect is the whole Soviet-Russia-KGB-Putin thing.

    And, why are we suddenly getting all of these British subjects as President-potential presidents? Trump’s mother was born and raised in the UK; Obama’s father was born a British subject (Kenya); Kamala’s father was born a British subject (Jamaica), as was her mother (India). I am told that Australia won’t allow people in government if their grandparents weren’t born there, because of the risk of duel citizenship – divided loyalties. To my knowledge, America is the only country where your importance and rights decline with generations. Real African Americans arrived 400 years ago this year. American Indians are doing even worse…

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    • Thank you for this information! I’ve been wondering about her, I didn’t think she was part African American, and from what I understand, she wasn’t born in this country which has me puzzled, I thought you had to be born in this country to become president!? Democratic party is turning into a circus, this should be interesting to see all the backstabbing unfold.
      They should slow up the amount of immigrants that come into this country, but I don’t think that’s going to happen…they’re not even happy with a three-year extension! It’s not right the American Indians can not vote, but immigrants coming to this country can get a driver’s license and can vote!! How messed up is that!

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