Hopi Tribe Urges End To US Government Shutdown; Shutdown Violates Trust Obligations Of The US Government

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Hopi Tribe Open Letter/News Release:
January 11, 2019
Open Letter to Arizona Congressional Leaders
Kykotsmovi, Ariz. – On behalf of the Hopi Tribe, we urge you to work with Congressional leadership to immediately end the partial government shutdown. This shutdown violates the trust obligations of the United States government to our Hopi-Tewa people.

Agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Indian Health Service and other federal agencies that provide critical government services to our Hopi-Tewa people are caught up in unrelated politics over funding for a southern border wall. As the unnecessary and heedless shutdown drags on day to day, the well-being of our Hopi-Tewa people hangs in the balance. It is unconscionable that our people should suffer because of the failure of the Congress and the President to enact an FY2019 appropriation. America’s longstanding, legally mandated obligation, to tribal nations should be…

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8 comments on “Hopi Tribe Urges End To US Government Shutdown; Shutdown Violates Trust Obligations Of The US Government

  1. Not only the Hopi-Tewa people are suffering… I dare say the Whole Planet and the whole inhabitants (animals and humans) are suffering the stupidity and wild actions of a dignityless arrogance. How long will the citizen endure and waiting, before ending it? No comment. :-)claudine

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  2. Thanks for the reblog! I was lucky to find it. Someone was telling me that the “ant people” coming out of the ground are a phase in the Hopi prophecy and looking for it I found the press release. All of the American Indian Tribes are held hostage and they can’t quit their jobs, nor vote at all.


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