Images from 2017 and 2018 show polar bears thriving in a warming world


Candid images of fat, healthy bears taken over the last two years by unbiased photographers across the Arctic are representative of the state of polar bears in a world that’s warmer than it was in 1980.

chukchi-sea-polar-bear-arctic_early-august-2018_a-khan-nsidc.jpg Chukchi Sea polar bear on the sea ice, early August 2018. A Khan, NSIDC. Chukchi Sea bears are thriving, according to a new survey of the population.

It may seem counter-intuitive but it’s true: polar bears are thriving with less summer sea ice and there are more bears now than there were in 2005 (not a statistically significant amount more, but more nevertheless).

Gulf Polar-bear-quebecPierre-Alexandre Defoy 22 March 2017 Polar bear on the north shore of Gulf of St. Lawrence, 22 March 2017. Pierre Alexandre Defoy photo. More info and photos here.

newfoundland polar bear 10 june 2018_iceberg festival committee_thresa burden photo Newfoundland bear on Northern Peninsula, 10 June 2018. Teresa Burden photo.

great-brehat-dillon-patey_march 12 2018_vocm report Newfoundland polar bear at Great Brehat, 12 March 2018. Dillon Patey photo.

polar bear aug 2017 near area where june 19 2018 bear was spotted gordy kidlapik Near Arviat, north…

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