Sign Petition: Limbani the Chimp Is Not a Toy

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Zoological Wildlife Foundation Miami

69,104 SUPPORTERS -70,000 GOAL

Dog’s are famously known as man’s best friend, but can they be a chimp’s best friend too? That’s what the Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) in Miami wants you to believe. And they have fooled thousands if not millions of people with their supposedly “cute” video showing Bruno, an African Mastiff and baby chimpanzee Limbani playing together.

The video clip really does bring a smile to your face until you realize that ZWF — a zoo that says they are dedicated to conservation — shouldn’t allow Limbani to play with dogs or any other domesticated animals at all. Rather, he should be playing with his own kind and learning how to be a chimp.

ZWF’s mission seems to have been compromised since instead of working to rehabilitate their animals and educate their public they are making thousands off letting their guests pay to pet and take pictures with their menagerie. The practice commonly referred to as “wildlife selfies,” has been widely panned in recent years with exposés in several major publications about the harm these animals can endure so people can get their perfect shot.

In fact Tinder and Instagram have both launched campaigns to encourage people to avoid taking and uploading wildlife selfies.

What’s worse is that by posting photos of Limbani dressed in cute baby clothes, ZWF is sending a message that chimps are not only cute but could make great pets, which is not the case. Like most baby animals baby chimps are adorable but once they hit a certain age, they can become incredibly unpredictable and dangerous. And what will happen to Limbani then? Where will he go? Will he be able to interact with other chimps when all he knows is human contact?

Sign the petition and ask ZWF to stop allowing guests to have animal play time and take selfies. Ask the park to dedicate itself to conservation like it says it does or give animals like Limbani to real sanctuaries where they can have a life as close to normal as possible.



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