I Went to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is What I Saw.

Plastic planet is a series on the global plastics crisis that evaluates the environmental and human cost and considers possible solution to this devastating man-made problem. In this piece, Alli Mahoney, Teen Vogue News and Politics Features Editor, describes her experience in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The great Pacific Garbage patch (GPGP) a site of marine debris is considered to be twice the size of Texas, is perhaps the foremost expression of the impact of plastic waste on our world and the role of humans in environmental degradation.

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Petition:Stop Japan’s Whale Slaughter

fe4e728b2427f87e302ce44dc7a7bfaec32c1e25-735x4001954676613.jpegJapan reportedly plans to resume cruel commercial whaling, putting millions of these vulnerable creatures at risk. Japan is responsible for a good portion of the near-genocide of whales, despite having been part of the IWC for over 60 years. Sign this petition to demand they remain in this organization, and stop their whaling for good.

Source: Stop Japan’s Whale Slaughter

Let’s save the jaguars from the Mayan Train!


Many specialists agree that the construction of the so-called Mayan Train could put at risk the natural habitat of the jaguars, as well as the aquifers of the region that form the largest reserve of fresh water in the entire country. These aquifers are essential for the entire fauna, since it feeds the plants and animals that live in the region.

If there is a Mayan train, walls would be erected that would restrict the jaguar from one area to another, which would cause it to be unable to find a mate to reproduce with other animals generically far away, which would cause them to have less genetic variability and that provoke consanguinity, making them border to have less chance of survival.

We must also take into account accidents that could happen, the noise generated by the trains, which would alter the quiet life of the region.

We can not allow the jaguar, an animal that our ancestors have valued, protected and adored, to be brought to extinction by the construction of a train.



Petition: Justice for the little dog murdered by the Urban Guard in Barcelona!


An agent of the Urban Guard fired and killed a dog who was accompanying a homeless. The agent has said that the dog has bitten his arm, but the neighbours know that it is not true, since the dog was very peaceful, everyone knew her. We do not want that in any situation they end up killing an animal because they can not control it among more than 5 agents, and none separated it, of course, the easiest thing was to kill it. Jail for these murderers.

It is always the dog’s fault, you always have to sacrifice the animal in any situation out of the ordinary. I’m tired of these things happening, because many people who knew them have said that the dog was very good, that she was just looking for mimes.

With the criminals they do not have balls, but with an animal yes. This is the kind of people we pay out of pocket and who should take care of us and protect us and kill our animals.