Stop Trump Administration From Letting Oil Companies Determine Environmental Rules

Lobbyists for Big Oil have been allowed by the EPA to alter air pollution research which dictates environmental regulations. Sign this petition to demand that the Trump Administration stop giving Big Oil control over our environmental policies.

Source: Stop Trump Administration From Letting Oil Companies Determine Environmental Rules

Prevent Disease and Help Deer Populations

Deer and other forest animals are dying from an elusive disease. Urge politicians to contribute funding and resources to the solution to this issue.

Source: Prevent Disease and Help Deer Populations

Prevent Further Animal Deaths at National Park

Forty-two years old and one of the last of his kind: now this awe-inspiring elephant is no more, a victim of the park he called home. Demand the removal of dangerous structures that killed one park elephant and endanger many more.

Source: Prevent Further Animal Deaths at National Park

Demand Justice for Baby Rhino Orphaned by Poachers

Baby rhino David was left as an orphan after poachers slaughtered his entire family for their horns. Demand justice for David and stricter anti-poaching laws in South Africa.

Source: Demand Justice for Baby Rhino Orphaned by Poachers

Processed meats linked to increased cancer risk

Chemical Free Life

This is not new information from us, of course; we have been reporting on the scientific research on this topic for many years now.  It is more like a shot in the arm or important reminder as you make your rounds to all those holiday parties with trays and trays of processed meats–and other highly processed foods, for that matter. Here are some takeaways from a new piece in the mainstream media:


  • Eating red meat and processed meat has been linked to higher cancer rates.
  • Research is increasingly finding that processed meats are much worse for you than other kinds.
  • The average consumer may be eating more processed meat than is healthy.

The reason processed meats and highly processed foods in general are risky* to eat on a regular basis is thought by a growing number of researchers to be a function of myriad of synthetic and industrialized…

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Feds Begin Selling Wild Horses Captured in California for $1 Each

Straight from the Horse's Heart

as published on EcoWatch by Lorraine Chow

“The Forest Service is treating these national treasures like trash by selling them for one dollar a piece…”

About 200 horses are available for adoption and sale until Feb. 18. The fee for purchase “with limitations” has been reduced to $1 per horse, down from the original price of $25. The fee for adoption is $125.

“With limitations” includes a stipulation that prohibits using the horses for human consumption. Other requirements include appropriate transportation, adequate space and healthy accommodations for the animals, according to Ruidoso News.

The horses now up for sale and adoption are all 10 years and older. They were among the 932 mustangs that were gathered via helicopters in the territory near Alturas, California between Oct. 10 and Nov. 8.

The gathering of wild horses has prompted fierce debate about how to control populations. On the one hand, the…

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