Sign Petition: Tell Rhode Island to Ban Fur!

by: Emma Hoyt
recipient: Rhode Island General Assembly, Rhode Island

247 SUPPORTERS in Rhode Island

76,382 SUPPORTERS – 80,000 GOAL

As a passionate group of students fighting for the ethical treatment of animals, we urge you to initiate a ban on the sale of fur in Rhode Island.

Animals are abused, slaughtered, and skinned for a cruel commercial enterprise. Rhode Island must follow in the footsteps of Los Angeles, a progressive city that successfully banned fur. Times are changing, and animal cruelty must no longer be tolerated, especially not by such a compassionate state as Rhode Island.

Please sign our petition asking the Rhode Island General Assembly to introduce and pass legislation to ban fur in our state.


I have added our target, David Cicilline, to this petition! He is our congress representative here in Rhode Island. Thank you for all your support!

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Sign Petition: Four Men Bound and Gagged a Poor Dog and Brutally Raped Him
by: Care2 Team
recipient: Malwani Police

86,449 SUPPORTERS – 90,000 GOAL

When Sudha Fernandes’ husband informed her that one of the street dogs she often feeds needed food, she knew just what to do. She grabbed some kibble and walked down to the local church in the city of Malwani, India to make sure it wouldn’t go hungry.

But as she got closer she noticed something wasn’t right. The pooch was positioned awkwardly, he was in a pool of blood and his penis was badly injured. She couldn’t understand what had happened, but she knew he needed help and quickly.

Then someone told Fernandes how the dog got to be in that state. A rickshaw driver told her that the night before while he had been driving nearby he heard terrible screams. When he approached he saw the poor dog, his front legs bound and mouth gagged, being sexually violated by a group of men.

Luckily, a local animal rights group was able to step in and give aid to the injured dog. Yet, the four suspects fled in the dark of night.

Why anyone would choose to do such a vile act to a poor helpless dog is beyond comprehension. But one thing is certain, these four men must be caught. They pose a threat to both animals and people, and the Malwani authorities must find them as soon as possible.

Sign the petition and demand that Malwani law enforcement find the dog rapists and bring them to justice.more