Legal Battle Continues; a herd in danger

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LLeigh_OutsideMag - 1 (13) Winter Velvet; His herd is in serious danger

(Informal short update on the legal fight against mine approval). Reading list at the bottom of the page.

This summer many of you remember the way we found out about the Canadian Fiore Gold project? It was a bit of a shock after BLM announced an “emergency” that would afford absolutely no transparency of the removal of wild horses in a subset population of Pancake.

We had to engage legally to simply be able to observe wild horses held at temporary, that BLM placed on reservation land (always makes me suspicious and can often indicate some other project where a bit of “cash in pocket” can create a more conducive climate for agreements). Then BLM cancelled the operation and was supposed to notify if it resumed. BLM did not notify. BLM did not create a tour of the Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes)…

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7 comments on “Legal Battle Continues; a herd in danger

    • Thanks for the link… Was trying to read the information but Wikipedia keep popping up a window saying… Hi reader from the United States we see you use Wikipedia a lot, so we’re asking you to donate $16.95 a month…🤑


      • They just wanted $3 from me, maybe because I have a roaming IP address. It’s not a good article other than it tells that Frank Giustra owns Fiore Gold, without linking to their web site. The open pit mine in question is owned by a subsidiary. Giustra is insulting Trump yet gets what he wants! I think the insults are a cover. Or Trump likes to be insulted. It may be taking place below Trump. The BLM people are all “acting” ones still. Most of the claims related to Giustra-Uranium One are false or distorted. I have to say this simply because of the Wiki article and you can’t search Giustra without coming up with these lies-distortions. BGR Group that oversaw the CFIUS for Uranium One are Republican operatives going back to Nixon-Reagan (Haley Barbour, Ed Rogers). The lobbyist was a Republican (Rademaker). Also just read/learned that Doug Band is behind most of the unethical Clinton foundations stuff. And, Huma Abedin. Band started off working for a Republican Congressman who was later with Bush Jr during 9/11, and then worked for Clinton as an intern and stayed. Band took Monica Lewinsky to a ball, when they worked together at the White House. Band is the one in pedo Jeff Epstein’s book. Huma grew up in Saudi Arabia, but is ethnic Asian-Indian. The real control in campaigns and Washington seems to be gatekeepers like Abedin and Band. Huma looks a lot like the Abedi who operated BCCI. Barbour, Rogers, etc. feature in BCCI hearings. So does Khasogghi uncle.

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        • Well I had a laugh at them wanting that money, I don’t use it that often, this was the second time I used it this month, and probably a total of 6 for the year.
          I truly do not understand why, they have to kill wildlife because they want the land!!
          Thanks for the information.

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          • It’s a strip-surface mine and uses a lot of water, so wildlife are in direct conflict with the mine. It’s on government land and the US gets almost nothing – just some small rent money. It’s pure highway robbery, as well as murder. If it was Haiti then people would be having fits, I guess. Haiti’s old mining law was pretty good is why they wanted to modernize it.

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