Senator Rand Paul Destroyed Pet Food Safety

Exposing the Big Game

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6 comments on “Senator Rand Paul Destroyed Pet Food Safety

  1. Thank you for this info. He is a horrible person. I have long worried about what was in dog food. Our little dog used to eat a lot of food from our table (“table scraps”). But each time eggs were cooked she jumped and barked, which my mother didn’t like, so the next ones ate only dog food. I read Rand Paul blinded a patient or two in cataract surgery. He is very Russia-Putin connected too.

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    • I know of several people who lost their dogs and one woman who breeds and shows newfoundland’s almost lost her dogs, she bought very expensive dog food thinking it was made in this country, when the recall came out she discovered it was made in China, she was livid! She now cooks all the dog’s food.

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        • The veterinarian’s didn’t know what was wrong, until the blood work revealed the problem, the small dogs died faster than the bigger ones, a neighbor had a Bichon and a Labrador Retriever and both died! The Newfoundland’s are a good sized dog, their height is about 26-28″ tall and they weigh 100 -150 lbs little bit smaller than a Saint Bernard, their height is 25- 30″and they weigh 100-200 lbs.

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