Sign Petition: The Koala Is Heading Towards Extinction
by: Care2 Team
recipient: Premier Gladys Berejiklian

Count to sixty. In that one minute period, 19 animals perished in the Southern Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). They are dying because of tree clearing that has become rampant in the state under the government of Gladys Berejiklian, who has written off the environment as a concern for her administration.

19 animals a minute equals a whopping 10 million animal deaths a year in NSW. According to conservative figures, the government estimates that nearly 2000 square miles of forest have been felled between 1998 and 2015, toppling a forest and woodland area that equals twice the size of Luxembourg. In that time 10.7 million birds, 67.1 million reptiles and 9.1 million mammals have disappeared.

One of those mammals is the koala. It might seem unbelievable, but one of Australia’s most iconic animals is now under threat of disappearing.

In fact, if things don’t change, researchers say that the animals could go extinct within our lifetime. This previously unthinkable headline is mainly because states like NSW have been far too lenient when it comes to clear-cutting in the koala’s last remaining ranges. Their survival depends on having enough habitat where they are able to thrive. But without a sound policy that protects vegetation and wildlife, the famous marsupial and many other animals are likely to disappear in short order.

Is this how the Berejiklian government wants to be known? As the administration that let the last remaining koalas in NSW go extinct? We certainly hope not, but we must make sure.

Speak up and tell Premier Berejiklian’s government that they have a duty to protect New South Wales’ koala populations.

Sign and ask them to demand tree-clearing restrictions today.


Shut Down Reindeer Farm With Reported History of Abuse

Reindeer were reportedly kicked and abused, but the accused farms are still open. Demand that The Reindeer Centre be shut down to protect reindeer this holiday season.

Source: Shut Down Reindeer Farm With Reported History of Abuse

Demand Freedom for Orcas Trapped in Russian “Whale Jail”

Hundreds of whales are being captured and held captive in inhumane whale jails. Demand that the Russian government take action and stop ignoring this horrific practice.

Source: Demand Freedom for Orcas Trapped in Russian “Whale Jail”

Petition: Humanity has a new cousin
Humanity has a new cousin
3-4 minutes
To President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian legislature, and all members of the Indonesian government:

We call on you to ban the North Sumatera Hydro Energy’s 510MW Batang Toru Hydroelectric Power Plant and any and all industrial development in the Batang Toru forest. These types of projects put some of the world’s last remaining orangutans at risk. Orangutans are critically endangered and this project would put this precious species further at risk of extinction.

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This is wild! Scientists just announced there’s a new species of orangutan that we never knew existed before… and they need our help.

They’re called Tapanuli orangutans and they have their own distinct genes and features.
But there’s only 800 of them left — and a new dam project is about to rip through their forest in Indonesia.

But there’s still hope: the scientific announcement has made headlines, and investors are backing away from the project. Let’s end it once and for all by getting the Indonesian government to stop all industrial projects in the Tapanuli’s home land!

Sign now
, then share everywhere – when we reach a million signers we’ll take our call directly to the Indonesian authorities!

Petition: To Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
Renee Lockett started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
2 minutes

Every year, hundreds of Brown Pelicans are run over by cars along a 3-mile stretch of Highway 48 in south Texas during cold fronts. Strong winds force the pelicans onto the highway and they cannot get out of the way of cars going 75 mph. Last week, 53 pelicans were run over in one evening. I am one of the volunteers who assists to rescue pelicans that end up stranded on the highway and cannot take flight due to roadway concrete barriers and strong winds. It is a very dangerous situation for everyone. The stretch is between Port Isabel, Tx. and Brownsville, Tx. near the Carl Joe Gayman Bahia Grande Restoration Channel.

By lowering the speed limit on this 3-mile stretch, conditions would be safer for pelicans, motorists and fishermen who frequent the area. This stretch passes through an area of vital habitat for pelicans which they use for fishing and roosting, and thus fly over it on a daily basis. The links below show news reports of what is happening to the pelicans year after year. Local school children also chimed in with a song and letters to convey their thoughts and feelings. By signing this petition, you will be joining us in asking Governor Abbot to please step in to get the speed limit lowered for this 3-mile stretch of wildlife habitat along Highway 48. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  1. Pelicans in Peril on Highway 48 News Report
  2. School Children Sing for Highway 48 Pelicans

  3. Pelican Plight/Speed Limit on Highway 48 News Report

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First-aid for Your Pets – Katzenworld

First-aid for Your Pets PDSA Vet Olivia Anderson-Nathan provides top tips on what to do in an emergency  Despite our best efforts to protect our pets, accidents can and do happen. In serious cases, knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life and death. Life-threatening emergencies require speedy action, so […]

Source: First-aid for Your Pets – Katzenworld

Over 20 Times More Americans Die Of Cancer Per Year Than Gun Violence; Why No Uproar About Pollution?

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Why is there no uproar about cancer causing pollution, especially radioactive materials, discharged into the environment? Trump’s EPA has but worsened the situation, and is trying to make it worse still. Already, twenty times more Americans die per year from cancer than from gun violence. Trump’s toxic legacy will be seen in the coming decades.

What is surprising about this chart is that the majority of US households do not own guns.

California bar shooting: At least 12 killed in Thousand Oaks
The bar in Thousand Oaks, California was packed with college students when the gunman opened fire.

According to the US National Nuclear Lab at Los Alamos:
Cancer is a gross distortion of cell behavior caused by numerous gene mutations and numerous abnormalities in the production and functioning of proteins…

A substantial body of evidence now suggests that cancer initiates from a single cell…

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Hurricane-Hit Puerto Rico To Consider Becoming Nuclear Guinea Pigs

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Puerto Rico is in the Caribbean and should go solar, not nuclear. Nuclear and major hurricanes don’t mix!

Nuclear Power Stations require offsite power, and backup generators in the event of power failure. It’s unclear if the New Modular Technologies means Small Modular Reactors, or larger ones. If it’s “New”, then it means that Puerto Rico will be a Nuclear Guinea Pig/Nuclear Guinea Pigs. Puerto Rico is an island, so the nuclear industry probably thinks it is a good place to experiment.

Hurricane-hit Puerto Rico to consider nuclear power
06 November 2018
The majority New Progressive Party in Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives yesterday introduced a resolution instructing the chamber’s Government Committee to investigate the possibility of building nuclear power plants on the island, Caribbean News has reported.

The party’s spokesman, Gabriel Rodríguez, said that following Hurricane Maria’s damaged to Puerto Rico’s power grid it was “imperative…

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Earth Report

Profound Effects of Pesticides on Bees

Whether it’s foraging for food, caring for the young, using their bodies to generate heat or to fan the nest, or building and repairing nests, a bee colony does just about everything as a single unit.

While recent studies have suggested exposure to pesticides could have impacts on foraging behavior, a new study, led by James Crall, has shown that those effects may be just the tip of the iceberg.

The new study that shows exposure to neonicotinoid pesticides — the most commonly-used class of pesticides in agriculture — has profound effects on a host of social behaviors.

Using an innovative robotic platform to observe bees’ behavior, the study authors showed that, following exposure to the pesticide, bees spent less time nursing larvae and were less social that other bees. Additional tests showed that exposure impaired bees ability to warm the nest, and to…

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Lawsuit Targets Zinke’s Secretive Program Undermining Wildlife Protection

Straight from the Horse's Heart

“We’ve already seen Zinke put politics over science in Endangered Species Act decisions, from the Pacific walrus in Alaska to boreal toads in Colorado,”

WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversitysued the Trump administration today to expose a secretive program that denies Endangered Species Act protection to imperiled species like the Pacific walrus.

Today’s lawsuit, filed in U.S. district court in Washington, D.C., follows controversy over the Species Status Assessment (SSA) program. Using the SSA, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke and the Trump administration have denied protection to the walrus and are preparing to strip safeguards from the Canada lynx and American burying beetle.

The Center was contacted by a scientist who was removed from the American burying beetle SSA team in January after raising questions about the methodology and conclusions being drawn about the endangered insect.

“Zinke’s secretive program is basically a roach motel for imperiled wildlife,” said…

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For USA the cost of not funding a nuclear waste solution is becoming greater than the cost of funding it.


Failure to Fund National Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository Leaves Decommissioning Funds Partially Unsupervised,     Gina G. Scala, Nov 07, 2018

Nearly four decades ago, the federal government charged the Department of Energy with finding a long-term solution for housing spent nuclear fuel from the nation’s commercial nuclear power plants as well as U.S. Navy reactors. In 2002, Yucca Mountain in Nevada was selected as the repository site. In 2010, the DOE unceremoniously rejected its own plans for a federal repository.

As a result, the only option for U.S. nuclear power plants is to store spent fuel from the reactor vessels onsite. That includes decommissioned or decommissioning power plants, like the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. Just last month, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved an exemption request from Exelon Generation, which owns the Lacey Township-based nuclear plant, to withdrawal monies from the plant’s decommissioning trust fund for spent…

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