Petition : Stop animal suffering
Petition : Stop animal suffering
1-2 minutes

It is by coming together that we will be more united with our four-legged friends.

Our hearts suffer from seeing all this complacency and suffering. So, I would like to invite all those who love, who suffer, and who would like to see a significant change and join us to stop the barbarism:

  • That euthanasia is used on animals only at the end their lives
  • That people who abandon animals are severely punished

  • That mistreatment is stopped by stiffer penalties

  • More monitoring in animal shelters

  • It would be advisable that all dogs and cats are declared with Sterilisation obligation

  • No reproduction with a private individual but among breeders only on demand

  • Stop the bullfights….. there are other ways to relax than to see death….

  • Stop vivisection on dogs and monkeys. This is outrageous.

It would be appropriate that the large structures of animal protection groups put an end to the slaughter in countries like Romania, which sterilise all females.

Let us all be responsible, gentlemen of governments, we want you to know that it’s time to stop this!

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