Petition: No to injecting artificial colouring in animals!
No to injecting artificial colouring in animals!
1-2 minutes

According to a survey we recently posted, 90% of people were not aware of this practice.

Indeed, many fish: chanda, widows, corydoras, bearded danios and many others suffer being painted by injection in Asia. This is often how they end up blue, green, yellow or red.

Dyed fish can be very lethargic and unhealthy, unlike their normal counterparts. Many suffer from the Lymphocystis virus or kidney failure. They will be more susceptible to bacterial and parasitic problems within the tank due to a lower immune system if they have been injected or dunked to create the artificial colours.

This practice, in addition to a misrepresentation of the product, is also an act of cruelty and mistreatment of animals. They resume their colour gradually (usually they are albino individuals which are easier to colour) and become ill more easily (foreign object in their body: kidney disease, liver …)

It’s up to you to change the situation by not buying these fish, and asking, through this petition that the government stop this practice and sale of these animals on the UK market.

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