Chemically-treated fiber in processed foods linked to liver cancer: study

Chemical Free Life

Scientists discovered an unexpected consequence during their study of what happens when industrialized fiber that has been chemically-treated is added to highly processed foods: it triggered liver cancer in the test subjects. 

Adding chemically-treated ‘refined’ fiber to highly processed foods is something a recent FDA rule change has effectively encouraged processed food manufacturers to do.  The scientists argue that marketing of this chemically-treated refined fiber-fortified processed food as “health-promoting” is ill-conceived and should be reconsidered. 

More studies on this chemically-treated fiber injected into processed foods are needed. In the meantime, it might be wise to remember that while eating whole foods that are naturally rich in fiber has been shown to have health benefits, eating processed foods containing industrialized (chemically-treated) fiber may be anything but healthy.

Adding refined fiber to processed food could have negative health effects, study finds

Adding highly refined fiber to processed foods could have negative…

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