A Wild Dolphin, Stranded, Rescued then Hidden. Where Is Martinha?

Black Cove

#WhereIsMartina That’s the hot topic all over social media right now. Just what has become of the dolphin named Martinha, who was rescued after stranding on a Portugal beach back in 2007?

On October 23rd 2018 a coalition of eminent marine mammal scientists, conservationists and NGOs from around the world announced that they have been trying for years to uncover the truth about where Martinha is, in what conditions she is being held and what is her state of health?

Information taken from the website of Martinha’s Rescue coalition, says that Martinha was estimated to be 6 months old at the time of her stranding. The rescue was conducted by Quiaios Rehabilitation Center for Marine Animals (CRAM-Q)
In the yard behind CRAM-Q, Martinha was held in a small tank of water, which was approximately 7m wide, 13m long and less than 2m deep.

On 23 March 2014, cetacean…

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