Remember To Speak Up Against High Level Radioactive Waste Coming To Texas – Deadline Friday Night

Good News… this has been extended to November 19, 2018 so you still have time to comment on this very important issue!

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Please remember to comment by Friday night, 11:59 pm EDT; 10:59 pm CDT, 9:59 pm MDT. You can comment directly, anonymously if you prefer, here:
And, or, comment here:

From the Sierra Club:


Last Week To Speak Up Against Radioactive Waste Coming To Texas
October 15, 2018
By Michaela Urban, Communications Intern
About a week ago, I wrote about a proposal to bring 40,000 tons of radioactive waste from around the country to Andrews County, Texas. The waste would stay in Texas presumably until a “long-term” repository site becomes available. Unfortunately, if history is any guide, that’s many, many decades away.

If approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), this waste will travel through major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, placing the numerous hospitals, schools, and businesses located next to Texas railroads in harm’s way.

With the comment deadline this Friday…

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6 comments on “Remember To Speak Up Against High Level Radioactive Waste Coming To Texas – Deadline Friday Night

  1. I went over and sped read the link Nancy… Yes its scary what we pollute our Earth with.. And I have never supported the idea of Nuclear Energy… Its waste can not be adequately safely dealt with..
    One only has to look at the disasters in nuclear plants. Chernobyl and Japans Fukushima nuclear reactor that was destroyed in the Tsunami. The ocean there is still having water waste pollution going into it from the plant.. Which no doubt gets into the food chain and eventually us..
    Living in the UK, we were affected by the clouds of radioactivity that blew across.. It is not always immediate the consequences of exposure, but 15 to twenty years down the line,
    Cancers are related to these toxins…
    Many thanks for highlighting and bringing awareness… ❤

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