Petition: Finish with the slaughter of animals in Sueca
Finish with the slaughter of animals in Sueca
1-2 minutes

I just saw the video of Refugi els Ángels in which it is seen how two small cats from a colony in Sueca, Valencia, were killed, and they say that there are several more missing. People who get drunk and dedicate themselves to beating the animals to death, who end up dead among the bottles that these criminals used to get drunk.

The cats of the colonies suffer the constant mistreatment of neighbors who do not want them, who throw their dogs to bite them, or poison them, or like these little ones, beat them to death. We live with these insane people, and it is a danger for animals and for those who love them.

We ask that the Town Hall of Sueca investigate these massacres that are being carried out in the city and find those responsible. Security for animals, security for those who take care of animals too, is their obligation as representatives of the people.


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