‘Judge Jeanine,’ Establishment Republicans caved to the Dems

2 comments on “‘Judge Jeanine,’ Establishment Republicans caved to the Dems

  1. I disagree with Judge Jeanine about Ford being credible and lovely. She’s anything but. As an example of her character, she’s a vivisector, uses rats and mice, including electroshocking rats. Her “work” with animals (2006–2012) can be read here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Blasey%20C%5BAuthor%5D%20animals If you delete the word ‘animals’ from their search bar you can see all the studies she’s been involved in, for the benefit of pharmaceutical cos. and herself. Ford is heavily invested in the RU486 abortion pill so she has a huge interest in abortion remaining legal, and I doubt Kavanaugh is going to disrupt that, although the dems obviously believe he’d be an activist conservative judge like their judges are activists on their side, instead of being impartial like they’re supposed to be. Otherwise Judge Jeanine is right about the dems, but Ford is totally with them in being a scammer. The whole thing is a scam.


    • I am so glad you see this as a scam… I have been saying this from the the beginning and I can’t wait for this to all blow up in their face!!!
      Thanks Laura for the link and information.❤️


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