‘Judge Jeanine,’ Establishment Republicans caved to the Dems

Success: Charges Dropped Against Rescuer Who Saved Animals From Hurricane

Charges have been dropped against an animal rescuer who opened up a temporary shelter for dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence. Applaud this action that acknowledges that this woman acted out of compassion and therefore should not be punished.

Source: Success: Charges Dropped Against Rescuer Who Saved Animals From Hurricane

Applaud Massachusetts Animal Cruelty Legislation

Massachusetts just took a huge step towards protecting animals and prosecuting their abusers. Applaud Governor Baker for signing the PAWS II bill and looking out for the welfare of animals.

Source: Applaud Massachusetts Animal Cruelty Legislation

Save Remaining Orcas From Toxic Chemical Pollution

Half of all remaining killer whales may be doomed to die due to toxic pollution in the world’s oceans. Sign this petition to demand that nations commit to cleaning up banned PCB chemical waste that is causing severe harm to these animals.

Source: Save Remaining Orcas From Toxic Chemical Pollution

Protect Atlantic Ocean From Hurricane Waste Pollution

North Carolina’s polluted rivers and streams are flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, carrying decaying organic matter such as leaves and bark. This matter contains various bacteria and chemicals that can contaminate the water and make it dangerous for all living beings. Sign this petition to demand cleanup of the rivers and stronger protection of the ocean.

Source: Protect Atlantic Ocean From Hurricane Waste Pollution

Demand Harsher Punishment for Convicted Eagle Killer

An Australia farmer will only receive 14 days jail time after pleading guilty to the killing of over 400 wedge-tailed eagles. This is nowhere near enough punishment for harming a species protected under the Victoria Wildlife Act. Sign this petition to demand a harsher sentence for this man immediately.

Source: Demand Harsher Punishment for Convicted Eagle Killer

Protect Newly Discovered & Critically Endangered Hummingbird

A newly discovered species of hummingbird may go missing forever. Sign the petition to demand the rare and endangered blue-throated Hillstar of the Andes be protected.

Source: Protect Newly Discovered & Critically Endangered Hummingbird

Don’t Allow the Mass Killing of Majestic and Endangered Cougars

Citizens are calling for the mass killing of mountain lions after a female hiker was killed by one of these powerful felines. Such attacks are rare and do not warrant slaughtering native wildlife. Sign this petition to demand non-lethal solutions that allow people and wild cats to coexist.

Source: Don’t Allow the Mass Killing of Majestic and Endangered Cougars

California bans giant ocean fishing nets blamed for killing sea turtles, whales (USA)

The ocean update

September 27th, 2018 (Paul Rogers). Ending years of controversy and debate, Gov. Jerry Brown late Thursday signed a new law phasing out the use of giant ocean fishing nets used to catch swordfish, but blamed for accidentally killing sea turtles, dolphins and other sea creatures.

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We need to fight against the illegal trade of native fauna with a police group and stronger laws


For years we have seen in some markets of different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, northern cities, and in many towns, as wild animals are sold without any control, many of them protected by the Law. And nobody does anything, nobody he ends up imprisoned and they continue hunting and killing animals.

Unfortunately this will continue to happen until people understand that we should not buy wild animals and thus stop the trade of these dealers, but in the meantime we must ask to fight against this scourge that causes so much suffering to animals.

Please Mr. Macri, you who have shown love for animals should do something, talk to Mrs. Bullrich to carry out the creation of this police force to fight illegal wildlife trade.