Anthony Appolonia: Craigslist Kitten Killer

VIDEO: Body language expert weighs in on Kavanaugh hearings ~ September 28, 2018

Rose Rambles...

We talk to a body language expert to get some insight into Thursday’s testimony at the Kavanaugh hearings. Need anyone say more?

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NSPCA Launches Urgent Legal Appeal for Lions

International Wildlife Bond

Banner Image: “Rack and stack captive-bred lion bones ready for export.” File photo: African News Agency (ANA)




The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) has lodged an urgent interdict [Case No. 86515/17 in The High Court of South Africa] against the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) to suspend DEA’s authorisation of lion bone exports.

The NSPCA has long been actively involved in addressing the cruelty in the captive lion industry; starting with lion cubs for petting to ‘canned lion’ hunting or slaughter for lion bone, with pending cruelty cases.

The NSPCA has been frustrated in its efforts to prevent this cruelty by the lack of regulation within the industry. Not only are there regulatory loopholes, but there is also generally a lack of cooperation and communication from both national and provincial authorities.

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Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness – SGT Report

A Mother black bear will teach her cubs everything they need to know in order to survive…

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

The Black Bear moves softly through the berry patch showing her cubs the way, teaching her cubs where to find food, just like her mother taught her generation after generation, until…

The greedy men laid out sweet smelling donuts hidden in a hollow log that tempted mother bear, and she used her strong paws to gain access to the sweet smelling treats. Thereafter, the silence in the forest was broken in by the noise of hollering hounds. These hollering hounds chased mother bear and her terrified cubs through the thick forest. Their hearts beating fast as they tried to out run the mob of noisy hounds. Along the way a mother deer and her fawn were chased up by the mob, and soon the once quiet forest rang with the sent of fear. Mother bear sent her cubs quickly up a tree, and made herself the decoy, and led the…

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Christine Blasey Ford and her Family’s Long and Deep Relationship with the C.I.A. | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Blaseygate Exposes Shocking Sex & Booze Culture at Christine Blasey Ford’s High School | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

Cult of the 1ST Amendment


On Monday September 17th, Christine Blasey Ford’s high school yearbooks suddenly disappeared from the web.

Vegan beer-battered tofu sticks with ranch dressing

Tuesday's Horse

Hey. Do you have some extra firm tofu hanging ’round the fridge? Get it, press it, grab a bottle of beer and let’s go. Seriously!

Vegan beer battered tofu sticks with ranch dressing. Click to visit source. Vegan beer battered tofu sticks with ranch dressing. Click to visit source.

I found this recipe on VegWeb created by user meg777. This is my favourite comment:

So I had to use white wine because I didn’t have any beer, and I was afraid it would ruin the recipe, but OMG! I used wildwood tofu and these sticks tast exactl;y like mozzarella sticks! Delicious!

I made mine with a pale ale. Gotta go now and make some more. Happy Saturday. ♥

Go Vegan. For Life!

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