Fukushima Radiation causing U.S. Insurance Companies to EXCLUDE all Coverage for Radiation Claims


REPOST from February 2014
February 2, 2014 — (TRN) — Insurance Companies in the United States have begun notifying customers they will no longer have ANY coverage whatsoever for anything relating to nuclear energy claims. Fallout, radiation sickness, property damage from radiation – all EXCLUDED. This begs the question: If the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima power plant in Japan is as harmless to Americans as the government and “scientists” are telling us, why are Insurance companies specifically EXCLUDING coverage for nuclear energy related claims? (Hint: The government is lying about the danger.)
TRN has a PDF of one such notice being sent by Traveler’s Insurance Company. You can read it for yourself below.
Letters being sent by U.S. Insurance companies are notifying policy holders of an important change to their coverage. Letter sent by one major insurance company read as follows:
Dear Policyholder;
Thank you for choosing…

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Japan Has Enough Nuclear Material to Build an Arsenal. Its Plan: Recycle.


After decades of delays, a plant in Rokkasho, Japan, is almost ready to start turning nuclear waste into nuclear fuel, its builders say. But Japan doesn’t use much nuclear power any more.
Sept. 22, 2018
ROKKASHO, Japan — More than 30 years ago, when its economy seemed invincible and the Sony Walkman was ubiquitous, Japan decided to build a recycling plant to turn nuclear waste into nuclear fuel. It was supposed to open in 1997, a feat of advanced engineering that would burnish its reputation for high-tech excellence and make the nation even less dependent on others for energy.
Then came a series of blown deadlines as the project hit technical snags and struggled with a Sisyphean list of government-mandated safety upgrades. Seventeen prime ministers came and went, the Japanese economy slipped into a funk and the initial $6.8 billion budget ballooned into $27 billion of spending.
Now, Japan…

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Enemies of the State: America’s Mustangs

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Carol Walker  as published on Down to Earth.org

The nation’s wild horses are under siege by oil, gas, mining and other special interests, with total disregard for public lands

A herd of Mustangs in the western United States Credit: Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The still-untamed, Wild West is part of the American fabric, which includes thousands of wild mustangs roaming free on public lands. However, these treasured animals—known as America’s wild horses—are under siege by oil, gas, mining and other special interests, with total disregard for public lands. To “Carbon Capitalists,” wild horses are public enemy number one and (through no fault of their own) find themselves at the top of America’s Most Wanted list.

This was not always the case, as back in 1971, the US Congress enacted the Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act, protecting America’s wild horses and burros in their historic herd…

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Over 400 animals saved from criminal traders

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This 2011 video says about itself:

The Pet Trade: Exotic Mammals

For seven months, PETA went undercover inside one of the top sellers of reptiles and mammals in the United States. Learn more about what happens to exotic mammals, such as wallabies and two-toed sloths, who are exploited by the pet trade. Learn more here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

More than four hundred animals have been rescued from smugglers off the coast of Malaysia. Among the animals were two young orangutans. The cargo ship came from Indonesia and was on its way to Thailand.

Customs received a tip about the smuggling operation and intercepted the boat. In addition to baby orangutans, customs found dozens of young saltwater crocodiles, rare birds and about 250 sugar gliders, small marsupials. The smugglers wanted to sell the animals as pets.

Three Indonesian…

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Donald Trump and nuclear weapons

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This video from the USA says about itself:

23 December 2016

Donald Trump tweeted out that he’s ready for a new nuclear arms race. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

By Kate Hudson in Britain:

The orange finger on the nuclear button

Saturday 14th January 2017

Trump’s ignorance of the life-destroying capabilities of nuclear weapons and his cavalier attitude towards their use should be extremely alarming to everyone, writes KATE HUDSON

IN uncertain times the last thing anyone needs is the most powerful man on earth kicking off a new nuclear arms race.

But that’s exactly what president-elect Donald Trump did just three days before Christmas, tweeting that “the United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”

There are so many ways in…

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Stop Belgian bank investing in nuclear weapons

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Banks and nuclear weapons

Translated from the Belgian peace movement today:

Dear activists

On Wednesday, 26 September, members of the Belgian Coalition against Nuclear Weapons will take action against the BNP Paribas Fortis bank in Brussels because of their investments in nuclear weapons.

The action will take place in Brussels at 12 noon (appointment at 11.30 am) and will last an hour. At the bank branch in Vooruitgangstraat 55, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node. Place of appointment is at the roundabout where the King Albert 2 lane and the Simon Bolivarlaan intersect (if you leave the station with the stairs down and 200 meters in front of you). We will meet here at 11.30 am, action starts at 12 noon.

During the campaign we will address customers, passers-by and employees about the investments of BNP Paribas Fortis in nuclear weapons. Flyers are provided with the necessary explanation. Two people will be dressed as bankers (costume, top…

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Petition- Save Elephants Cora and Tembo From Horrible Topeka Zoo!


Animal advocates are mourning another tragic loss for captive elephants with the death of Sunda, a 58-year-old Asian elephant who died at the Topeka Zoo this week – but they’re also not giving up on the two surviving elephants there who should be immediately moved to an accredited sanctuary given the zoo’s inability to properly care for them.

Sunda’s passing marks the second elephant death in less than two years at the Topeka Zoo, following the death of Shannon last December. She was only 35-years-old, but the zoo left her unsupervised for at least 10 hours knowing she was chronically ill and needed monitoring, and that inexcusable negligence cost Shannon much unnecessary suffering and, most likely, her life.

Sadly, these heartbreaking deaths are part of much bigger problems at this zoo. In Defense of Animals (IDA) noted that the Topeka Zoo has been cited numerous times by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. Not only has the zoo proven it’s unable to properly care for its elephants, many of the health problems they are suffering are likely also made worse by a cold climate in Kansas, which isn’t appropriate for them.

The ongoing mistreatment of its elephants earned the Topeka Zoo the shameful distinction of being named the ‘worst zoo’ last year on IDA’s annual list of the 10 Worst Zoos for Elephants in North America.

While it’s too late to save Shannon and Sunda, there are still two survivors there who need our help – Asian elephants Cora and Tembo.

In the wake of this most recent loss, IDA and their advocates are calling on the Topeka Zoo to do the right thing by closing its elephant exhibit and retiring Cora and Tembo to an accredited sanctuary where they can finally get the care they need – and where they’ll be able to live out their days in a far more appropriate environment in a suitable climate.

Please sign and share this petition urging the Topeka Zoo to act immediately to secure a sanctuary retirement for Cora and Tembo before it’s too late.


Petition – Hyatt Hotels Must Waive Pet Fees for Families Fleeing Hurricane Florence!

by: Kelsey B.
recipient: Hyatt Hotels

40,613 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

During an emergency, some folks display great humanity by helping out. But corporations are notorious for being heartless in these trying times. Last year after Hurricane Harvey, one hotel forced two family dogs to spend the night in their family’s car.

I don’t know about your dog, but mine is terrified of storms and I could never leave him in the car. After public pressure in the form of this petition, the hotel changed their minds and donated money for the mistake!

At the same time, evacuating is expensive and difficult and coorporations should do what they can to ease that for people.

That’s why I’m asking Hyatt Hotels to waive all pet fees to make it easier for people to evacuate and bring their pets along.Often times during natural disasters, families don’t bring their pets with them because they don’t know where they will be able to stay or they can’t afford it. While this is certainly a horrible choice to make, Hyatt is a huge successful corporation who could make it easier for folks to bring their pets! Hotels should not profit from this tragedy, they should do their best to offset costs and truly be a part of their communities.

Please sign my petition to ask Hyatt Hotels to waive all pet fees and accept pets in all their hotels where evacuees may stay.

Right now Hyatt Hotels are only allowing pets and waiving fees on a case-by-case basis. Let’s get them to make it a short-term corporate policy.more

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Petition – This Person Wrapped Their Dog in a Garbage Bag and Abandoned Her Like Trash

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Richmond Police, VA

55,815 SUPPORTERS – 60,000 GOAL

Animals are not possessions. They are living beings that should be loved and cherished and treated with respect. When someone decides to bring a pet into their family, they are making a years-long commitment that is both rewarding and challenging.

Like a child, a dog, cat or rabbit cannot simply be abandoned once you have become a pet-parent, you can’t just toss it away into the trash.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens to thousands of animals around the United States every year. And it’s what happened to one tragic pup in Richmond, Virginia. Last week, a passerby noticed something strange: a small, female, white dog, with patches of hair missing all over its body and “crawling with infections.” Whoever abandoned the dog — assumed to be a Shih Tzu mix around five years old — had wrapped it in a plastic garbage bag as if to say she was garbage herself.

The Shih Tzu will require serious treatment to get back to health but hopefully, in the care of people who care for her, she will make it.

It is truly heartbreaking to know that her previous owner treated her like scum and just tossed her aside.
But the reality is that the owner themselves is the real scumbag.

That anyone can treat and then abandon an animal like this is shameful and it’s illegal. In Virginia it’s actually a crime and the person responsible should be sought out and punished.

Sign the petition and tell Richmond Police that you want this person found and brought to justice.more

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Last Chance: Fight This Vicious Attack on Wildlife Petition

Bald eagle

Sept. 24 is the last day to let the Trump administration know that you firmly oppose its disastrous plan to gut protections for threatened wildlife at the bidding of industry.

Bald eagles, blue whales and alligators wouldn’t exist today without the Endangered Species Act. It’s our nation’s most successful environmental law and has prevented the extinction of 99 percent of the animals and plants in its care. But now the law itself is in danger.

If we’re going to stop President Trump and Secretary Zinke from destroying the Act’s key provisions, we all need to speak up with one voice.

Using the form on this page, tell Zinke and Trump to immediately withdraw their vicious proposal.

The Trump administration’s proposed changes would dismantle protections for polar bears, jaguars and hundreds of other endangered species, as well as the places they live.

It would also mean that hundreds of at-risk species waiting to be granted protection under the Act — like the monarch butterfly — would face delays or be denied help. We can’t let it happen.

Act now to help save the law that has saved bald eagles and scores of other iconic wildlife from disappearing. Let’s make sure this fierce and vital law remains so well into the future.


Center for Biological Diversity | Saving Life on Earth

Photo of bald eagle by Jerry McFarland/Flickr.

Petition: No more dogs sacrifices in the Canine Control Centers!


A few years ago it was forbidden to kill dogs with electrocution, but we know that in some CCC like that of Tláhuac just a few months ago they have killed hundreds of dogs electrocuting them. They continue to kill them, painfully or without pain, injecting poisons or other things that we do not know they are, without respecting the Laws, they continue to kill them, since hundreds of thousands of animals die every year in these places.

We must fight so that there is no longer the sacrifice of dogs in the anti rabies centers of Mexico. We must fight to prohibit the sale of animals, if you want a dog, adopt it. We must fight so that stray dogs are sterilized so that they do not reproduce so their numbers will decrease. We must enforce the Laws so that abusers and murderers pay their crimes with prison.

Let’s fight to live in a better country, without sacrificing animals, where they are respected, where they are taken care of and where those who do not pay for it.