Judge Jeanine GOES OFF on the Kavanaugh Accuser – Opening Statement 09/22/18

3 comments on “Judge Jeanine GOES OFF on the Kavanaugh Accuser – Opening Statement 09/22/18

  1. Kavanaugh is proven to have lied under oath about circulating stolen documents. His first lying under oath was a few years after the fact, meaning it was unlikely a lapse of memory. If his memory is that poor it’s impossible that he got through law school without cheating. So, he should have been removed as candidate prior to the accusations. This isn’t a criminal case – that would be separate. It’s about life-time appointment to the Supreme Court where even suspicions matter. It’s actually the Dems asking for an FBI investigation and the Republicans who want to ram Kavanaugh through. I used to think that these last-minute accusations were odd back in Clarence Thomas’ day, but since it was a life-time appointment I can see Anita Hill’s concern. For pedophile cases studies show that people sometimes don’t recall or talk about it for on average 36 to 40 years. Girls were also fearful of being blamed by their parents. Apparently some still are. This was a 15 year old girl and he was 17 or 18. The difference is huge at those ages.

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    • Well they’re all old enough now and I want to see and hear what they have to say. They claim they’re coming forward to protect other women! After all this time!? Seems a little fishy to me and I hope they’re not BS everyone, because it’ll make it hard for women who really need the help!


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