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Potentially Dangerous Impacts Of Cutting Off NIST Radio Time Signals Need To Be Evaluated Before The US Congress Cuts Off Funding; Contact A Member Of Congress Or Two Or More

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Contact Members of Congress, asap, and ask for funding for WWVB, WWV, and WWVH to be restored to the NIST (Commerce) 2019 budget, at least until an impact study can be done.

If your member is not worth bothering with, contact another one that you trust. If you can’t decide, start with US Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. For the House, the Ranking Member for Homeland Security, Bennie Thompson, is worth contacting.
And, yes, WWVB is being shutdown, along with WWV and WWVH, unless restored to budget.

There are a range of unknowns as to what the impacts are of cutting off WWVB, WWV, and WWVH radio stations-signals, especially for crucial infrastructure/critical services. But, unlike for the year 2000 computer-internet problem, there has apparently been no study, no planning, no notification. It’s not even clear if the cuts will start as soon as the budget is passed, or…

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We want justice for Benjamin, murdered by this madman!
We want justice for Benjamin, murdered by this madman!
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We continue to see cases of animal abuse in Argentina and nothing changes because the penalties for animal abuse are a joke. Fines of a few hundred pesos for murdering an animal, or some hours of community work, but never jail, never send these murderers to jail, and as they know it is, they continue unpunished killing them because they know that it is never going to spend nothing.

In Salta a man killed a dog with a machete and for that reason we ask that he be arrested and that they begin a judicial process so that he will be imprisoned. SEND HIM TO PRISON, not to pay a fine or do a few hours of community service collecting trash in a neighborhood, NO, SEND HIM TO PRISON!

This guy not only murdered the dog but also threatened the witnesses who filmed the dying dog and the face of this murderer when he had him grabbed by the leather while he was cutting him with the machete.

Obviously this man is free, because in this country nobody who mistreats or kills an animal ends up imprisoned, and for that we have to change our way of thinking and our Laws.