1992 NOAA Study Concluded A Severe Hurricane Could Induce A Storm Surge 6.4 Ft Above Brunswick Nuclear Power Station’s Design Basis Flood So NRC Commissioned A New Study To Prove That The Design Basis Was Good Enough – But It’s Not

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It has been known that Brunswick Nuclear Power Station’s Design Basis storm surge-flood level was too low in the event of a severe hurricane since at least 1992. The NRC and the utility have continued to ignore this fact. In 1992 NOAA found “that a severe hurricane could induce a surge elevation of 28.4 ft MSL at the BNP site, or 6.4 ft above the plant’s design basis flood level.” Apparently not liking the result, the NRC got the Army Corps of Engineers to do a study, based on assumptions of a hurricane with far from the maximum possible winds. Already in 1969 Hurricane Camille had made US landfall with sustained winds of 190 mph. However the Army Corps study assumes a hurricane with 128 mph winds at the site. There are, of course, additional factors in storm surge: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2018/09/14/introduction-to-storm-surges/

More recently it has been concluded by the…

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