Petition · Storyful – Stop Promoting Dangerous Acts to Animals As Fun
Petition · Storyful – Stop Promoting Dangerous Acts to Animals As Fun
Linda Sue started this petition to Storyful and 2 others
2-3 minutes

See a quivering bunny being forced into a frightful dangerous position gripped by the throat/neck and back legs where struggling could result in a broken neck or vertebral fracture resulting in death or paralysis. The careless way of (unnecessarily) trimming hair could also result in stabbing the neck, cutting the skin or over stressing the rabbit into a serious medical condition.

Rabbits are the quintessential prey animal, timid and startle easily, their adrenaline response to any perceived threat is very high. Improper handling can result in increased stress can result in shock or injury to the animal. A sudden frightened kick with its hind legs is all it takes to snap the rabbit’s backbone and render a rabbit paralyzed.

The owner sold the rights of this video to Storyful to make a profit, in turn Storyful made a profit also. They have no regards for the animals they are using for profits as seen in previous videos. It’s videos like this that encourage others to learn or practice dangerous acts to animals. The lack of common sense just for entertainment and wow factor is despicable. Sharing them is just as wrong.

No reason for a baby rabbit to have its hair cut, let alone cutting a rabbits hair from its stomach. Rabbits normally do not need groomed unless they have long hair and prone to mats, or have health issues. Necessary trimming would never involve the dangerous act seen here.

Promoting dangerous acts to animals for profit is not cute! It is unethical.

Baby Bunny Wheels – pimped out for profit with a broken back on a skateboard, resulting in death.

Dog Is Less Than Impressed With Energetic Rabbit – what starts out to be playing fun, turns into a predator attack which was terrifying to the baby rabbit (prey animal) easily to result in fatal injuries, shock, illness or death.

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