Brunswick Nuclear Power Station’s “Cliff Edge” Barriers Appear To Fall Almost 8 Feet Short Of Required Storm Surge Protection Level

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The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission NTTF [Near Term Task Force] observed that, “some [nuclear] plants have an overreliance on operator actions and temporary flood mitigation measures such as using sandbags, temporary flood walls and barriers, and portable equipment to perform safety functions.” The NTTF report also states that, “the Task Force has concluded that flooding risks are of concern due to a „cliff-edge‟ effect, in that the safely consequences of a flooding event may increase sharply with a small increase in the flooding level. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to safety for all licensees to confirm that structures, systems, and components (SSCs) important to safely are adequately protected from floods.” [1]

The NRC describes Brunswick Nuclear Power Station’s interim solution to flooding: “the licensee planned to install metal “Cliff Edge Barriers” at targeted areas on site. These barriers are installed 1 to 3 days prior to…

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Performance Dog Pet Food Recall
Performance Dog Pet Food Recall
4-5 minutes

September 12, 2018 — Bravo Packing, Inc. of Carneys Point, New Jersey, is recalling all Performance Dog products, a frozen raw pet food, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Performance Dog Raw Frozen Pet Food Recall
What’s Recalled?

The following products are affected by the recall:

Performance Dog
Package Size: 2-pound plastic sleeveMfg Date Code: 071418
Performance Dog
Package Size: 5-pound plastic sleeveMfg Date Code: 071418

Performance Dog comes frozen in 2-pound and 5-pound plastic sleeves.

The recalled product has manufacture date code 071418.

The manufacture date codes are printed on the boxes that contain the plastic sleeves, but not on the individual plastic sleeves.

Therefore, if the cardboard box has been discarded, there are no unique identification numbers on the individual sleeves that allow customers to determine that they possess the recalled products.

If you purchased this product since July 14, 2018 and cannot determine whether it is affected by the recall, the FDA recommends that you exercise caution and throw the product away.
About Salmonella

Salmonella can cause illness in animals eating the products, as well as people who handle contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products, infected animals or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis (an infection of the heart muscle), arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation and urinary tract symptoms.

People who have these symptoms after having contact with this product or an animal that has eaten this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting.

Some pets will have decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

Pets exposed to contaminated food can be infected without showing symptoms.

If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

Infected animals can also shed Salmonella through their feces and saliva, spreading pathogens into the home environment and to humans and other animals in the household.

No human or animal illnesses have been reported to date.
What Caused the Recall?

Bravo Packing, Inc. is voluntarily recalling this product after a sample of Performance Dog, collected during an FDA inspection, tested positive for Salmonella.

Performance Dog generally works with the distributor Tefco, located in Brooklyn , New York, that fills orders to brick-and-mortar retail stores or to consumers directly.
What to Do?

Consumers with questions should contact Bravo Packing, Inc. at 856-299-1044 (Monday thru Friday, 6 AM to 2 PM, Saturday 4 AM to 9 AM ET) or through the company’s website at

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

7,000 Insects, Spiders And Lizards Stolen From Philadelphia Museum
7,000 Insects, Spiders And Lizards Stolen From Philadelphia Museum
3-4 minutes

The same week that a fire swept through the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, destroying millions of priceless artifacts, the news broke that about 4,900 miles away in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion had also lost about 90 percent of its collection.

But it wasn’t because of a fire, and it wasn’t historical treasures that are gone from this museum. Thieves stole 7,000 live arachnids, insects and lizards. It could be the largest live insect heist in history, according to the museum’s CEO, Dr. John Cambridge. He, as well as police, believe it was an inside job by current or former employees.

Footage from security cameras shows three people leaving the museum on Aug. 22 with containers that were presumably filled with the arthropods, which are estimated to be worth about $40,000. The thieves also stole the logs used to keep track of the insects. Staff uniforms had been “stabbed into the wall with knives,” the Associated Press reports.

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Petition: Cat Dissection Has No Place in Our Schools

by: Care2 Team
recipient: United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

103,855 SUPPORTERS – 110,000 GOAL

This school year, millions of animals will be dissected in high schools across the U.S. — and many of them will be cats.

Yes, that’s right. Precious felines, who many of us love and care for as pets, are one of the most commonly dissected animals in schools.

Please sign this petition demanding an end to cat dissection in U.S. schools now.

Animal dissection is a cruel practice that has no place in our schools. According to PETA investigations into biological supply companies that provide schools with animals for dissection, animals experience all kinds of horrifying abuse before they are killed and sold to schools. Specifically, cats were found to be embalmed before they had actually any chance of life. In other cases, cats were taken from shelters, pet stores, and the streets, ripped away from any chance at a happy life.

The cruel practice isn’t just bad for cats; it’s bad for kids and teaches them to have a callousness towards life. Various leaked videos show kids playing with mutilated animal bodies during dissection lessons, including high schoolers playing jump rope with a cat intestines and dancing with cat bodies. Given the notorious link that exists between animal cruelty and violent behavior, it’s unconscionable that we allow kids to dissect these amazing, intelligent creatures.

Especially considering the fact that the dissection of any animal is archaic and downright unnecessary. From 3-D models to digital simulation programs, there are a host of dissection alternatives available that schools can and should embrace.

Times have changed, and it’s time we make our voices heard. Sign this petition and let’s end the disgusting practice of cat dissection in schools now.more

Sign Petition

103,855 supporters




45K supporters
Petition update
Terri McCabe
Littleton, CO

Sep 13, 2018 —

The Devore Shelter is killing this Doxie per owner’s request! This means that the dog is not even LISTED.

As you can see the dog is healthy and sweet!!

Please call Devore and tell them not to do it!
‭(909) 386-9820‬
Press 0 for operator. Be nice

Tell them you are calling about the Doxie and that you want him released to Rescue. The Shelter will tell you to call back after 9 and ask for supervisor. Ask for the name of the supervisor on duty!!!

Please email and ask them not to kill the dog!!!

Speak Up! We are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again.
Nancy Keiter
95 Kennels in Devore, 27 DOGS in Devore and 9 of those dogs are on the KILL LIST! Do the math!

44,994 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
Thanks to your support this petition has a chance at winning! We only need 4994 more signatures to reach the next goal – can you help?Keep growing this petition

© 2018,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

Petition: Arrest Man Beating Dog In Video Making Death, Rape Threats ·
Arrest Man Beating Dog In Video Making Death, Rape Threats ·
Cabo Cooley started this petition to and 2 others
3-4 minutes

Chilling Video Shows Man Violently Beating Dog while making death, rape threats. ***For those who can’t watch videos, here is transcript:

While violently holding dog by collar beating/punching dog in face, head grunting while he punches 8 times. DAMAN HOLMES: “See, now you getta watch what I’m gonna do to your daughter or your sister [name] or [name]. Yep, that’s what’s gonna happen when I see those bitches. Then, they’re gonna get their throats cut.” End video.

Violently punches dog 11 times in head. DAMAN HOLMES: “Here we go with round 2, you like that? Yep, they’re gonna get their asses handed to them when I get to ’em. Im gonna bury their ass in the fuckin’ river, how’s that sound? After I rape that fuckin’ bitch (name). ” end video. NOTE: DOG IS ALIVE & SAFE

“This is Damon Holmes beating the hell out of a young dog. He sends stuff like this to us and her friends and family all the time threatening, rape, murder, arson, and physical violence. He has many facebook accounts like (_) always creating a new one that isn’t blocked to send more threats and promises. He thinks he is above the law and untouchable. He’s on the run and says he’s coming back to Utah. He deals drugs, steals guns, vandalizes, abuses people and animals and thinks he can get away with it. This has been going on for years now.”

This post is from someone close to the victim. The Victim and family are being threatened in the video. They’ve been living in fear for years. Then, in June the video was made in LV and sent to family in Utah. He’s been under investigation for months. WHY HASN’T DAMAN HOLMES BEEN ARRESTED?!


Contact our Sheriff & DA and firmly respectfully urge them to swiftly sign a warrant for, arrest, and charge DAMAN EUGENE HOLMES to protect Daman’s victims & our community from this violent animal/human abuser. Are we going to wait till he carries out his chilling threats?

OR tweet: @Sheriff_LVMPD

●CLARK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY STEVE WOLFSON: (SIGN A WARRANT ASAP for Daman Eugene Holmes and ensure he is charged with class C Felony Animal Cruelty in addition to other local & Federal charges he may be facing)
(702) 671-2500


Share Far & Wide. Please crosspost.

Commenting without taking Action does nothing to bring this violent abuser to justice. Solution based comments, please.

PLEASE support USA Resolution to outlaw the worldwide dog and cat meat trade ! (June 2017) ·
PLEASE support USA Resolution to outlaw the worldwide dog and cat meat trade ! (June 2017) ·
13-17 minutes

THE TIME HAS COME ! – We -Those signing this petition (Worldwide Community & USA citizens) request that Paul Ryan (Speaker ) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy bring the Bipartisan Resolution 401 introduced by Congressman Alcee L. Hastings and Congressman Vern Buchanan on 22nd June 2017 ‘Urging China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, India, and all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against the trade’ to the floor, without delay. We also urge the full support of all USA House Representatives.


An estimated 30 MILLION dogs and cats are abused, tortured and barbarically slaughtered at the hands of The Vile Dog & Cat Meat Trade. Time to stop boiling alive, burning alive, skinning alive, chopping off limbs often through intentional, repeat torture sessions – Just to make the meat taste better!

Learn more about The Vile trade here:

Methods of Animal Torture

In The Dog and Cat Meat Trade, dogs and cats are systematically tortured and abused for extended periods in the following ways, even by children as young as 6 or 7 years old. Animals are typically bound, with limbs tied together and mouths taped, wired or tied shut to make the torture easy for the torturer.
Blow-torched alive. Blow-torching does not necessarily cause the animal death. It can last for several hours or even days, occurring in intervals that leave the animal suffering accumulated burns until it finally dies.
Boiled alive. In a large metal pot or cauldron, it can take up to 30 minutes for the animal to die.
Burned alive. In fire pits and open ovens, live animals are speared, held by instruments, such as metal prongs and sticks, and jammed into open fire, where they may take 30 minutes or longer to die.
Stabbed. Animals are repeatedly stabbed and cut, which may take up to two days, if turned into a prolonged torture death.

Excuses for Animal Torture

People engaging in The Trade torture the animals for several, irrational reasons and excuses:
They think the meat tastes better.
They believe the myth that the meat will give them strength, improved health or sexual vigour, such as an enlarged penis. Science supports none of these myths.
They think the animal cannot feel pain or is worthless, aside from being meat. Therefore they think it is ok to torture and abuse the body of the animal, even though the animal screams and struggles to escape.

Facts about Dog and Cat Meat

Dog and Cat Meat sourced and prepared using the methods common in The Dog and Cat Meat Trade is commonly dangerous for human consumption, for the following reasons:
The meat, especially in China, is from stolen family pets.
The farming, slaughter and preparation of the meat are unregulated.
The farming, slaughter and preparation of the meat are often highly unsanitary and prone to infection, due to the lack of government regulation.
Consumption of the meat contributes to Rectal Cancer, more commonly known as cancer of the anus.
Consumption of the meat can cause a wide range of serious diseases in humans linked to conditions that the poor tortured dog or cat was carrying or being kept in prior to being consumed. Eg Rabies etc.

While most Westerners view dogs and cats strictly as companion or working animals and find the practice of raising and slaughtering dogs and cats for food strange and unsettling, a large number of people in South Korea as well as in China, Vietnam, the Philippines and many other countries regularly consume dog and cat meat. Extreme cruelty which occurs most of the time cannot be dismissed as merely a matter of cultural norms. The sad fact is that in many places where dog and cat meat is consumed, the dogs and cats raised for food commonly endure a lifetime of abuse and often are slaughtered in a manner that is nightmarish in its brutality and many dogs and cats are indeed stolen pets!

Countries that eat dog meat

Fourteen countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are : Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Artic and Antartic.

Cambodia: Eating dog meat is legal in Cambodia and its usually washed down with Anchor beer.

China: Although the Chinese were the first to domesticate the dog and keep them as pets, dog meat has been a source of food from at least the time of Confucius, and possibly even before.

Indonesia: Eating dog meat is usually associated with people from the Batak Toba culture, who cook a traditional dish named saksang that is like a dog-meat stew. Meat for sales: Market traders with live ducks that will be for the pot.

Mexico: Dogs were historically bred for their meat by the Aztecs. These dogs were called itzcuintlis, and were often pictured on pre-Comumbian Mexican pottery.

Phillippines: In the capital city of Manila, the law specifically prohibits the killing and selling of dogs for food except in certain circumstances including research and animal population control.

Polynesia: Dogs were historically eaten in Tahiti and other islands of Polynesia at the time of first European contact in 1769.

Taiwan: Dog meat in Taiwan is particularly eaten in winter months, especially black dogs, which is believed to help retain body warmth.

Korea: Gaegogi literally means ‘dog meat’ in Korean. Gaegogi, however, is often mistaken as the term for Korean soup made from dog meat, bosintang. The distaste felt by dog lovers, particularly from the West, has made this dish very controversial.

Switzerland: According to a Swiss newspaper report in 1996, the Swiss rural cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen are known to have had a tradition of eating dogs, curing dog meat into jerky and sausages, as well as using the lard for medicinal purposes.

Vietnam: Dog meat is eaten throughout Vietnam. To many Northerners, it is a popular, if relatively expensive, dinner time restaurant meal.

Artic and Antarctic: Dogs have historically been an emergency food source for various peoples in Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada and Greenland. Sled dogs are usually used for pulling sleds, but occasionally are eaten when no other food is available.

Countries that eat cat meat

Cat meat is meat prepared from domestic cats for human consumption. Some countries eat cat meat regularly, whilst others have only consumed cat meat in desperation during wartime or poverty.
In some cultures of Cameroon here is a special ceremony featuring cat-eating that is thought to bring good luck.
Asia China In Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in south-eastern China some—especially older—people consider cat flesh a good warming food during winter months. However, in Northern China eating cat is considered unacceptable. It is estimated that around 4 million cats are eaten in China each year, and that the number is rising. However, overseas visitors are unlikely to come across downtown restaurants serving cat, which is only common out of town and in the city outskirts.
The cat’s stomach and intestines may be eaten, as well as meat from the thighs, which are turned into meatballs served with, soup with the head and the rest of the animal then thrown away. In Guangdong, cat meat is a main ingredient in the traditional dish “dragon, tiger, phoenix” (snake, cat, chicken), which is said to fortify the body.
Organized cat-collectors supply the southern restaurants with animals that often originate in Anhul and Jiangsu provinces. On 26 January 2010 China launched its first draft proposal to protect the country’s animals from maltreatment including a measure to jail people, for periods up to 15 days, for eating cat or dog meat.

With the increase of cats as pets in China, opposition towards the traditional use of cats for food has grown. In June 2006, approximately 40 activists stormed the Fangji Cat Meatball Restaurant in Shenzhen forcing it to shut down. Expanded to more than 40 member societies, the Chinese Animal Protection Network in January 2006 began organizing well-publicized protests against dog and cat consumption, starting in Guangzhou, following up in more than ten other cities “with very optimal response from public.”
Japan, In Japan, cat meat was consumed until the end of Tokugawa period in the 19th century. Okinawans once ate a cat soup called Mayaa no Ushiru

In Korea cat meat was historically brewed into a tonic as a folk remedy for neuralgia and arthritis. Modern consumption is more likely to be as cat soup.
Vietnam Cat meat is eaten in Vietnam.
Europe In Switzerland the private consumption and slaughter of dog and cat meat is permitted though its commercial trade is prohibited by law. A 1993 petition to ban consumption failed with the government declaring the matter a “personal ethical choice.” In June 2008, three students at the Danish School of Media and Journalism published pictures of a cat being slaughtered in Citat, a magazine for journalism students. Their goal was to create a debate about animal welfare. The cat was shot by its owner, a farmer and it would have been put down in any case. The farmer slaughtered the cat all within the limits of Danish law. This led to criticism from Danish animal welfare group Dyrenes Beskyttelse, and death threats received by the students.
In February 2010, on a television cooking show, the Italian food writer Beppe Bigazzi mentioned that during the famine in World War II cat stew was a “succulent” and well known dish in his home area of Valdarno, Tuscany. Later he claimed he had been joking, but added that cats used to be eaten in the area during famine periods, historically; he was widely criticised in the media for his comments and ultimately dropped from the television network.
Cats were sometimes eaten as a famine food during harsh winters, poor harvests, and wartime. Cat gained notoriety as “roof rabbit” in Central Europe’s hard times during and between World War I and World War II
In 18th-century Britain, there are a few records of cats eaten as a form of entertainment.
North America In the United States it is legal in forty-four states for an individual to kill cats for food.
Oceania Indigenous Australians in the area of Alice Springs roast feral cats on an open fire. They have also developed recipes for cat stew. Some other inhabitants of the area have also taken up this custom, justified on the grounds that felines are “a serious threat to Australia’s native “fauna”. Scientists warned that eating wild cats could expose humans to harmful bacteria and toxins.
South America Cat is not a regular menu item in Peru but is used in such dishes as fricassee and stews most abundant in two specific sites in the country: the southern town of Chincha Alta (Ice Region, Afro-Peruvian mostly) and the north-central Andean town of Huari (Ancash Region). Primarily used by Afro-Peruvians. Cat cooking techniques are demonstrated every September during the festival of Saint Efigenia in a town of La Quebrada.
In October 2013, a judge banned the annual La Festival Gastronomico del Gato (the Gastronomic Festival of the Cat), which was held every September in La Quebrada to commemorate the arrival of settlers who were forced to eat cats to survive, citing it as cruel to the 100+ cats specifically bred for the event, which involves being kept in cages for a year prior the Festival. The judge also cited concerns over the safety of the meat, which drew criticism from residents who contend that cat meat is far richer than rabbit or duck, and that it has been long consumed globally without any deleterious effects.
That same month, magistrate Maria Luyo banned the festival of Curruñao in the small town of San Luis. Locals say that the festival, which sees cats being drowned, skinned and tied to fireworks and blown up, dates back to the practice of eating cat on the part of African slaves who worked on sugar-cane plantations in colonial times, and is part of the religious celebrations of Santa Efigenia, an African-Peruvian folk saint. Luyo stated in her ruling that the festival “fomented violence based on cruel acts against animals which caused grave social damage and damaged public health”, and that minors could be “psychologically damaged” by watching the events.
In a 1996, report some citizens in a shanty town in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, stated that, during an economic crisis, they had to feed the neighbourhood children with cat’s meat, and commenting, “It’s not denigrating to eat cat, it keeps a child’s stomach full”. The validity of this report has been questioned, however.

Proposed Solution :-

We firmly support the implementation of Bipartisan Resolution 401 (detailed below) and strongly urge Paul Ryan (Speaker) and Rep. Kevin McCarthy to bring it to the floor, without delay with the full support of all the USA House Representatives !

BIPARTISAN RESOLUTION 401 :- ( Introduced 22nd June 2017)

To all the GOOD people that have signed this petition, please click on the following links to find out how YOU can also HELP DAILY to stop this EVIL TRADE no matter where you live in the world. – THANK YOU!

Find out About us :-


Join our Worldwide Action Group –


Join our Worldwide ONGOING Group Events and Activities which most people from all over the globe can easily join in with virtually and online


See a list of ideas and activities everyone can join in with ONGOING & DAILY to help stop this EVIL TRADE


Sign our Group Petitions to help stop this EVIL TRADE.


Join, follow, tweet & re-tweet our Group Twitter Account


#BanDogCatTrade #BanDCMT #StopDogCatMeatTrade


Petition · Storyful – Stop Promoting Dangerous Acts to Animals As Fun
Petition · Storyful – Stop Promoting Dangerous Acts to Animals As Fun
Linda Sue started this petition to Storyful and 2 others
2-3 minutes

See a quivering bunny being forced into a frightful dangerous position gripped by the throat/neck and back legs where struggling could result in a broken neck or vertebral fracture resulting in death or paralysis. The careless way of (unnecessarily) trimming hair could also result in stabbing the neck, cutting the skin or over stressing the rabbit into a serious medical condition.

Rabbits are the quintessential prey animal, timid and startle easily, their adrenaline response to any perceived threat is very high. Improper handling can result in increased stress can result in shock or injury to the animal. A sudden frightened kick with its hind legs is all it takes to snap the rabbit’s backbone and render a rabbit paralyzed.

The owner sold the rights of this video to Storyful to make a profit, in turn Storyful made a profit also. They have no regards for the animals they are using for profits as seen in previous videos. It’s videos like this that encourage others to learn or practice dangerous acts to animals. The lack of common sense just for entertainment and wow factor is despicable. Sharing them is just as wrong.

No reason for a baby rabbit to have its hair cut, let alone cutting a rabbits hair from its stomach. Rabbits normally do not need groomed unless they have long hair and prone to mats, or have health issues. Necessary trimming would never involve the dangerous act seen here.

Promoting dangerous acts to animals for profit is not cute! It is unethical.

Baby Bunny Wheels – pimped out for profit with a broken back on a skateboard, resulting in death.

Dog Is Less Than Impressed With Energetic Rabbit – what starts out to be playing fun, turns into a predator attack which was terrifying to the baby rabbit (prey animal) easily to result in fatal injuries, shock, illness or death.

Storyful Facebook Page

Terri McCabe started this petition to; and 7 others
5-6 minutes

Update: 9/4/18: 2 dogs have been found DEAD in their kennels in a 4 day span! Dogs are dying at Carson – in their kennels – on cold cement floors!________

Update 9/2/18: I am reopening this petition to bring awareness to the fact that 5 dogs were killed this past week for being labeled “aggressive”. One dog had already been there for 2 months before being killed. These are not peaceful deaths for these dogs. They don’t get the nice sedative, the arms surrounding them and soft whisperings of love and goodbyes. THEY ARE P.T.D. (PUT TO,DEATH). Not sleep. Death. —————————————————————-

UPDATE: Any dog who is in an LA COUNTY SHELTER for 60 days or more may be PTS with no advance warning! *************************************************

Mahatma Gandhi — ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’

This was sent to the people who network to save RESCUE ONLY DOGS: This is from the former Deputy Direct of the Southern, CA Shelters: Carson, Downey, Baldwin, Lancaster and Agoura Hills.

I wanted to take the time to inform you that effective immediately there will be some changes in the animals in which you have been notified. All animals deemed “not safe” for placement due to behavior will no longer be made available to rescue’s. You will no longer receive notifications on these animals and animals that fall under this category will be euthanized after there holding period is up. You will continue to receive notification on animals that are behaviorally sound and available. If you have any question please contact Allison Cardona the new Deputy Direct for the South County Operations. I will still be available but I encourage you to reach out to Allison for all your concerns, and let her know this is NOT OK!!!

We are asking that the recent Policy Changes implemented by Allison Cardona be revoked and that rescues be allowed the opportunity to once again give every dog a second chance by making them available to rescues! Furthermore, we are requesting that Temp Tests be given on INTAKE and that they are administered by a TRAINED BEHAVIORIST, not a shelter employee!

Young, healthy dogs are being labeled NOT SAFE by a SHELTER employee. They use a FAKE RUBBER hand which is very human aggressive to a dog. Months go by without exercise, no toys, they develop open sores on their feet and legs, they become depressed and listless, they have no grass to roll in, no human contact, no love, no decent food, no baths, or even the simple act of being petted. They test them AFTER MONTHS in a kennel and almost ALL will fail.

LA County is breaking the law. What they are doing is a direct violation of Hayden’s Law!

HAYDEN’S LAW: SEC. 12. Section 31108 of the Food and Agricultural Code is amended to read:

  1. (a) The required holding period for a stray dog impounded
    pursuant to this division shall be six business days, not including
    the day of impoundment, except as follows:

(1) If the pound or shelter has made the dog available for owner redemption on one weekday evening until at least 7:00 p.m. or one weekend day, the holding period shall be four business days, not including the day of impoundment.

(2) If the pound or shelter has fewer than three full-time employees or is not open during all regular weekday business hours, and if it has established a procedure to enable owners to reclaim their dogs by appointment at a mutually agreeable time when the pound or shelter would otherwise be closed, the holding period shall be four business days, not including the day of impoundment. Except as provided in Section 17006, stray dogs shall be held for owner redemption during the first three days of the holding period,
not including the day of impoundment, and shall be available for owner redemption or adoption for the remainder of the holding period.

(b) Any stray dog that is impounded pursuant to this division
shall, prior to the killing of that animal for any reason other than
irremediable suffering, be released to a nonprofit, as defined in
Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, animal rescue or
adoption organization if requested by the organization prior to the scheduled killing of that animal.

In addition to any required spay or neuter deposit, the pound or shelter, at its discretion, may assess a fee, not to exceed the standard adoption fee, for animals released.

LA County is breaking the law. What they are doing is a direct violation of Hayden’s Law!

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition. Send emails, contact the media. Stand up and be an animals voice! We cannot allow this to happen! Thank you!;

Petition · East Tennessee Humane Society: SHUT DOWN PUPPY ZONE ·
Petition · East Tennessee Humane Society: SHUT DOWN PUPPY ZONE ·
Caitlin White started this petition to East Tennessee Humane Society and 14 others
2 minutes

IF you still need some convincing, please look me up on Facebook (Caitlin Danielle White) and you will see a ton of articles, posts, etc to further show the INJUSTICE these animals are enduring

I’ll start this by posting a link of a story that has ALREADY made it to our local news channel about this place. Then I will post ANOTHER article that furthers my point. For YEARS, I have heard negative story after negative story. I have never, not ONCE hear a positive outcome from Puppy Zone in Knoxville, Tennessee. Former employees and volunteers have told countless HORROR stories of feeding puppies bleach, puppies being drugged, improper care or puppies, etc.. on top of the fact that these dogs are the products of puppy mills and are sold at an outstanding rate. The percentage of survival for adopted puppies at Puppy Zone is somewhere south of 50%.

YET SOMEHOW, this business is STILL running. You walk in to lethargic puppies who are barely responsive in cribs with cage floors. One woman walked in with her daughter to find a DEAD PUPPY recently. This was the final straw. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. This is inhumane and sickening. Please help me in shutting down the worst excuse of a business I have ever seen. Help me save these puppies and pray that God will save their souls.