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Get harmful chemicals out of sunscreen
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Summer means the beach, roofdecks, backyard barbecues and for many, being outside as much as humanly possible. It also means sunscreen! But what if the chemicals in sunscreen products were potentially harmful — not just to humans, but also do precious wildlife and coral reefs in the ocean?

You might not know the name Oxybenzone, but it’s a common chemical in many brand name sunscreens. But in many places around the globe — most recently Hawaii — lawmakers have been working to ban sunscreens with the chemical because of its potentially harmful side effects to human health (including possible effects on the endocrine system), and devastating impact on coral reefs and ocean life.

Coppertone and its parent company, Bayer, have a real moment to be industry leaders and remove Oxybenzone from products. Tell the makers of Coppertone to get potentially harmful chemicals out of sunscreen.

The Environmental Working Group has long considered Oxybenzone toxic, and regularly warns that using sunscreen with this chemical is problematic for health and for the environment. There are also countless sunscreens that don’t use this chemical — some even produced by Bayer! — that allow for people to continue to use sunscreen while also not dousing themselves with a chemical that could cause serious side effects, as well as bleach coral reefs that are already under terrible duress.

As one scientist who co-authored a study on coral reefs and the impact of sunscreen on them stated, “any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long, hot summer, or that a degraded area recovers.”

With so many potential Oxybenzone-free sunscreens available, let’s make it the industry standard that the sunscreens we’re putting on our body remove this chemical that could harm human beings, and looks like it’s harming precious coral reefs.

138,106 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!

Get harmful chemicals…


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petition: They Thought It Would Be Cool to Ride a Whale Shark and Nearly Killed It

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti

12,000 GOAL
The whale shark — the world’s largest fish — is under threat. Its numbers are in decline and it is up to the global community to implement laws that ensure their survival.

That’s why Indonesian marine laws stipulate that divers — who come from all around the world for a chance to see them in the wild — keep a distance of at least three feet from the enormous creatures.

But those warnings weren’t heeded by a few careless scuba divers in Indonesia’s Cenderawasih Bay National Park. In a video that recently went viral, the group can be seen decked in full scuba gear and with no regard for their safety or that of the sharks. One person straddled the shark’s back while two others held down its fins and another clung on to its tail. Others then proceed to take photos.

Whale Sharks like other sharks must keep moving to breathe. Although they are huge, the fish are extremely fragile, and any type of human contact can lead to injury which could quickly lead to their death.

While the scuba divers are clearly at fault and have been arrested by authorities, there is one other person that should be equally accountable — the tour guide. Tour guides supposedly know the laws that protect Indonesia’s endangered marine species, but this one decided to ignore them and allow his clients to treat the fish like a plush toy.

Indonesian authorities should make sure to find the tour guide and make sure they also pay a price for endangering the whale sharks. Sign the petition and encourage Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti to take action against all guilty parties.


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Petition: These Scottish Hares Will Disappear if We Don’t Stop Culling Them

by: Margherita B
recipient: Scotland Government

42,709 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

Mountain hares on eastern Scottish moorlands have reached an all-time low: only 1% of the population recorded 60 years ago remains, and culling by the estate managers and gamekeepers of the areas is being blamed.

Red grouse have been hit very badly by a virus, spread by sheep ticks, and this is the excuse that gamekeepers are using to cull hares, even though there is no proof that the presence of hares increases the amount of infected grouse.

Up to 38,000 are culled every year in Scottish estates.

This has to stop. Local extinction is imminent, and it cannot be condoned!


Petition: Protect Koalas From Becoming Roadkill!

by: Margherita B.
recipient: New South Wales

41,686 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

Neglected maintenance issues, fences installed inappropriately and late interventions have caused the decline of koala populations in New South Wales.

In the last twenty years, koala numbers in this area have fallen by 25%. Should these populations become locally extinct, the impact on the species would be dramatic, frustrated experts warn.

NSW needs to improve its intervention, maintenance and protection policies now, before it’s too late. The recent deaths of koalas in supposedly wildlife-proof tunnels only goes to prove that not enough has been done up to now, and action must be taken!

Photo by Harrison Warne


Petition: Justice for the torturers of “Colin” the kitten in Clare, Ireland and support for her to remain with the rescue group who saved her., Ireland

Justice for the torturers of “Colin” the kitten in Clare, Ireland and support for her to remain with the rescue group who saved her.

Location: Ireland

2,218 SUPPORTERS in Ireland
20,000 GOAL
Please support the cause to bring the harshest punishment to the teenage torturers of this very young kitten.

Poor “Colin”, a tiny female kitten only weeks old, was kicked around like a soccer ball and tortured by being held down on a scorching hot frying pan.

All the while, this was filmed and posted on snapchat by these two teenage sickos. In addition to this, a local rescue group who had rescued her from this horror and provided veterinary care for “Colin” were forced by local law enforcement in Kilrush to hand her back to her owner who is a friend of the two torturers.

Sign now to demand that the rescue centre be allowed to care for and rehome the kitten with someone who loves her, and who will not allow her to be harmed.


Petition: New York City’s Carriage Horses Suffer Under the Scorching Sun

by: Care2 Team
recipient: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

31,103 SUPPORTERS – 35,000 GOAL

The city of New York has been experiencing a heatwave in recent weeks. So much so that the city took the rare step of issuing a heat advisory, warning New Yorkers of the dangers of the scorching hot summer sun and providing tips on how to avoid overheating.

But while the two-legged residents can decide whether or not they want to brave the heat, many of NYC’s four-legged citizens don’t have that luxury.

Earlier this month, video of an NYC carriage horse suffering under the blazing sun went viral. As One Green Planet says in the video “the poor horse is tense, breathing heavily, and almost looks as if he may collapse at any moment.”

What’s worse is that the video was taken early in the morning, before 10 am, meaning that the horse likely had to work for several more hours and it wasn’t even the hottest part of the day yet.

Indeed the heat advisory recommended that, on hot days, people should work out before 7 am and walk their pets in the early mornings or late evenings. Unfortunately, this horse’s owner ignored the message.

Sadly, NYC is one of many American cities that still allow the wholly unnecessary and completely inhumane practice of horse carriage rides to persist in spite of protests. Throughout the country, from Charlotte to Cleveland, horses are forced to pull tourists — sometimes through harsh weather like the recent heat wave in NYC — all the while unaware the real cost to the horse.

This practice needs to end today. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio should take action now and end this antiquated industry. Sign the petition and say no more carriage cruelty.

Photo credit: mr_t_77


Petition: Some Sick Individual Sliced the Throats of Seven Puppies for Barking

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police Anto Alphonse

18,695 SUPPORTERS – 19,000 GOAL
Birds chirp, cows moo and dogs bark. We learn this almost before we can pronounce our own names. But for a sick individual in the locality of Dwarka in New Delhi, India, the fact that dogs bark was too much for them to handle.

This week, an unnamed person took it upon themselves to make sure the dogs around their apartment complex would quit barking — permanently. The unnamed person tortured, murdered and left the bodies of seven puppies strewn along the walkway of the Kargil Apartments.

Later residents found the puppies, all under two months of age, with their throats slit and stabbed multiple times.

Imagine walking out of your house to be confronted with such a disgusting sight.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time dogs have been murdered for simply being dogs. According to DNA India, earlier this month, after puppies had the nerve to bark at a drunk man passing by, the man attacked them, flaying and beheading them before tossing them into a garbage can.

Police need to find these killers because they not only pose a threat to dogs, but people capable of such violence are a danger to society as a whole.

Please sign the petition and encourage Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police Anto Alphonse to find the dog murderers and charge them with animal cruelty.


Petition: This Oregon County Stopped Circus Animal Suffering — Now the State Should

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Oregon governor Kate Brown

38,130 SUPPORTERS – 40,000 GOAL

Last Summer, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus also known as the “Greatest Show on Earth” took their final bow. The traveling circus, hated by animal rights activists, had decided to pack away their tents, retire their elephants and put an end to the 146-year-old enterprise.

Many activists thought the end of America’s most famous circus would bring an end to the use of animal entertainment throughout the United States. In May 2017 for example, the National Geographic explained: “Why All of America’s Circus Animals Could Soon be Free.”

While we may be headed down a path that will end in freedom for circus animals we are sadly not there yet.

Case in point: The state of Oregon, one of the country’s most progressive governments, still permits traveling circuses and seems to have left it up to the counties to regulate whether or not they will allow them within their borders.

And that’s just what’s happened. In 2014, Catslop County became the first county in the state to ban the use of whips and bullhooks on animals — effectively keeping circuses like Ringling Bros. out. Now four years later, Multnomah County — the state’s most populous county that includes Portland — has also taken steps to ban traveling circuses. Any traveling enterprise using wild or exotic animals for live public “entertainment” or “amusement” is now prohibited.

While we can celebrate the great news, one wonders when the entire state will decide to put an end to these terrible traveling shows of cruelty. Last year, Illinois and New York became the first two states to ban circus elephants from their states. Why doesn’t Oregon do the same?

Animals are not entertainment. They have their own will and desires and deserve to live a life free from cruelty, preferably in the wild where they belong. Circuses, magic shows and aquarium spectacles that use live animals reduce living, breathing beings to objects that can be forced to do as we want, when we want. It’s not only cruel, it is wrong.

It’s time Oregon join New York, Illinois, El Salvador, Sweden and a whole host of other national and local governments in ending the animal entertainment industry. Please sign the petition and ask Oregon governor Kate Brown to ban the use of animals in circuses.

Photo credit: Owen Parrish


Petition: Two Dead Animals in One Day! It’s Time to End the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo

by: Care2 Team
recipient: Tourism and Events Queensland, Outback Queensland, Government of Queensland

70,595 SUPPORTERS – 75,000 GOAL

Last year, after a bull had to be put down at a South Australia rodeo, animal activists demanded change. The tragedy was caught on film. In the video, the bull can be seen landing awkwardly from a buck. It then twists, snaps its leg, and hobbles off in pain. It was put down shortly afterward.

Now, in another Australian state, more needless deaths have taken place at a rodeo. This time at Australia’s largest — the Mount Isa Mines Rodeo in Queensland.

A steer and horse both died because they were used as tools in a sport that treats animals as if they were expendable.

Part of what makes this rodeo so pproblematic is the fact that it’s actually sponsored by the state. That means the Queensland government is actively complicit in the cruelty that takes place at the event every year.

It’s time the state pull its sponsorship and cancel the rodeo.

In response to the bull’s death last year the Professional Bull Riders Association of Australia claimed that these accidents were rare, that since it was founded, no less than three bulls have had to be put down. But now that tally has grown.

It’s time Queensland asked itself if the death of an innocent animal is worth a few seconds of “entertainment.” We hope the answer is no, what about you?

Join the call, sign the petition and ask the government of Queensland to stop sponsoring animal cruelty and to cancel the rodeo altogether.

Photo credit: Farm Watch