Brian Ladoon, saviour of Canadian Eskimo Dogs, has died in Churchill


Early on Sunday 5 August 2018, Brian Ladoon died at the age of 65 in Churchill, Manitoba — and so far, the media have said nothing. Brian dedicated his life to the preservation of the Canadian Eskimo Dog — which often attracted polar bears to his property — but he was also an accomplished artist.

Ladoon and husky_Norbert Rosing obituary 6 Aug 2018 In the early days, (Norbert Rosing photo.

As a lover of Arctic dogs, I remember hearing of Brian’s work decades ago but only that “someone” was working hard to save the breed. I never dreamed I’d come to know so much more about his work through my research on polar bear ecology and evolution.

I never met the man. But he has clearly been an icon of Churchill for decades and because of that, the place will not be the same without him. He is on the right in the photo below, for the TV…

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4 comments on “Brian Ladoon, saviour of Canadian Eskimo Dogs, has died in Churchill

      • Sad story. I don’t know why he didn’t put a roof on his kennel or keep the dogs in a barn if he couldn’t keep them in the house, instead of illegally feeding the bears. He forgot to feed them so they ate a dog! He also had the dogs tethered so they couldn’t get away. So, I guess he didn’t have a kennel. I found it reading about the guy who died. The Inuit said the dogs shouldn’t have been tied.

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        • No they don’t have kennels, some do get to live in barns, but most are kept as cheap as possible, they are tethered and their shelter is a 50 gallon drum fill with straw, some have a wooden dog house, and they live outside all the time. I have posted several petitions to improve their living conditions. I’m almost sure one of the petitions had this story, which is probably closed now, I do have a new petition to post, thank you for this link, I’m going to work this story Into the petition.

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