Petition: Stop Starving the Oostvaardersplassen Animals!

by: Margherita B
recipient: State Forestry Service, Oostvaardersplassen Park

29,033 SUPPORTERS – 30,000 GOAL

Oostvaardersplassen is a 56 square km park in The Netherlands that is home to an array of animals, including red deer, an ancient breed of cattle and wild horses. Those who run it have opted for a natural management, which basically means that nature is allowed to take its course. However, there are no predators and the only thing that limits population growth is food – being fenced in, the large herbivores have eaten all they can and in recent months they have been starving to death.

Activists are trying to feed them anyway, risking jail sentences and heavy fines, by throwing bales of hay over the fence: they can’t bear to see the emaciated horses dying before their eyes.

We believe that if Oostvaardersplassen park must mimic nature, then all variables should be provided: predators and the possibility to migrate in search of food. Seeing as this isn’t possible, the animals present should be treated ethically and either culled or be fed. Not allowed to die of starvation!


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