Petition: Justice For Nala, The Sweet Dog Abandoned in The Utah Desert

by: Grace H.
recipient: Utah Authorities

100,000 GOAL

Nala is a sweet, loving dog. But when I met her, she was near death by the side of the road in rural Utah. She had been rehomed and her new owners abandoned her in the desert. She had been hit by a car and was barely holding on when my boyfriend and I found her. She had been wandering alone in the desert for five weeks, trying to make her way home.

Sign on the demand Utah authorities charge the man responsible for this cruelty!

Nala’s family had had to make the difficult choice to rehome her after she was unable to get along with their oldest daughter’s new therapy dog. Nala’s mom, Brandi, carefully vetted the people who would be taking her and thought for sure their sweet dog would be cared for. Nala was passed around and ended up being given to Clinton Jorgenson who told Brandi he had euthanized Nala. Brandi and her children, Nala’s real family, were devastated and heartbroken!

{You can follow Nala’s story on FB

And because the extensive vet bills are falling on Nala’s family, they could really use some help. Nala has needed multiple surgeries to repair her jaw and leg. Visit their page if you can – anything helps!}

5 weeks later, my boyfriend and I found Nala on the side of the highway in rural Utah, mere inches from traffic. Clinton Jorgenson had dumped Nala in the desert to starve to death and die. She was starving, dehydrated, sprayed by a skunk, and covered in cactus spines. Nala’s gums were torn down to the bone and she had a severely broken leg.

We rushed Nala to the Animal Hospital in Price, Utah and through facebook they were able to locate Brandi and her family. Nala had traveled over 40 miles in 5 weeks trying to make her way home. Nala is now happy and safe with her real family who will never give her up again.

Carbon County says there is not enough evidence to charge Clinton Jorgenson for dumping Nala in the desert. Please sign to petition Clinton Jorgenson be charged with abandoning sweet Nala.

Update #15 days ago
I have just learned a horrible new detail about Nala’s story! Apparently, the couple who abandoned her actually took her and two other dogs to the desert to shoot them. They missed Nala and Nala ran away, beginning her 5 week journey alone in the desert. The father of the female in the couple is willing to testify against her, he has even seen her beating Nala – we must keep demanding local authorities press charges against this couple!


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