Petition: Justice for Kaos the Dog – Murdered After Saving Human Lives in Italy!

recipient: Italian police

50,526 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

Kaos the german shepherd was the definition of a hero dog. He saved human lives in an earthquake in Italy in 2016 and recently had even found a missing person! That’s why it’s extra horrible that he was brutally poisoned to death at his own house!

Sign the petition to demand justice for Kaos!

Kaos and his owner Fabiano were some of the first on the scene in an Italian earthquake that ended up killing 230 people. Kaos worked for weeks to find and rescue as many people as possible.

Then, in late July, someone poisoned and murdered the incredible animal. “I have no words,” his owner Ettore said. “I can’t understand such a horrible act.”

Can you imagine waking up to find your family member poisoned and dead in the backyard? Kaos was more than a working dog, he was part of Fabiano’s family and no family deserves to go through this.

We must insist Italian authorities find and prosecute Kaos’ murderer immediately!

Photo from the Facebook of Kaos’ owner, Fabiano Ettore


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